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To fix a detached vinyl liner from its spot on an above ground pool, the water will have to be drained from the pool. Then, a marine patch can be placed on the area to re-attach the vinyl to the place where it came apart. Allow this to dry thoroughly before refilling the pool.

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Q: How can you fix a detached vinyl liner from its spot?
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How can you fix a vinyl liner that detached from its holder off an inground pool?

we just did it. remove the top lip and pour boiling water over the liner to soften then pull it back up into its proper place and replace the lip. done

How do you fix a vinyl pool that has no liner?

That depends on what is wrong with it. If the missing liner is the problem sort out who the manufacturer is and get a new one.

How do you fix holes in vinyl pool liners?

Pool supply stores carry patch kits that you can place on the liner underwater. They are cheap and work pretty good hope this helps!

Is a pool's vinyl liner safe if a dog swims in it?

NO, NO , NO Donot let that animal in the water. My kids let the Bulldog in the water they had a great time but the nails when he came to the side to ge tout punctured the liner that I had to fix... We have a vinyl pool liner but we have steps which we have taught our dog to use to get out, so we don't have any problems. Our dog wears a dog life jacket for safety and we never leave him in or near the pool unattended.

Is rust underneath a patch in a vinyl pool liner cause for concern for an in-ground pool?

is the patch on the side wall? most likely the wall is rusting.. not a HUGE concern but when and if u have the liner replaced i would deff have it looked at... not usually a hard to fix problem

How do you fix a cigarette burn in your headliner?

Cigarettes actually burn the headliner. The texture of the liner is burned and melted and cannot be patched. The spot can be cleaned with headliner and the color touched up with dye, but the physical spot will remain.

How do you fix a leak in a vinyl pool?

Use an underwater liner repair kit available at a pool supply store. The better solution is to use a piece of liner that matches the liner in your pool instead of the clear patch in the repair kits. Simply cut it to fit, round out the corners, and apply the glue from the store bought kit. The repair can be done underwater.

How can you fix a rip in a inground pool liner that is still full?

If the rip is not tool arge you can use an undewater patch for vinyl liner with vinyl adhesive - it works underwater - you apply the adheive generopusly all ovetr the patch cut to bigger than the rip size, fold in half with adhesive on the inside, go into water to rip and unfold, smooth out bubbles and apply pressure to hold especially at the edges

How can you fix vinyl liner tear in ground pool?

Vinyl liner patch kit are available at pool dealers and at stores like Walmart. They usually consist of some clear vinyl and some liquid glue. The best thing is to use vinyl that matches your pool liner. I always save scraps when new liner is installed. First trim the patch to cover the hole. A round or oval patch works best since there are no corners to peel off. Next clean the place to be patched. Then cover the back of the patch with glue. If the tear is under water fold the patch together with the glue on the inside. Next open the patch and place it over the tear and press the air out starting from the center working outward. If the tear is deep under water you may need to find a diver.

How do you fix a leak in above ground vinyl pool liner at the main drain plug?

I put marine goop in the plug and put the cap back on tight, can remove the putty by using a srcewdiver to loosen it, it will pop right out!

How can you find a contractor in Tampa to fix a wall in your in-gound vinyl pool if the installer ran off with the money and left pool without vinyl liner need repair very badly before pool is lost?

I may be able to help you with your pool. I have 25 years exp. with vinyl liners. Please feel free to contact me via my measage board if you still need help.

How do you fix shower liner?

This depends whether you are talking about the shower door liner or the lining of the back plates of certain mixers.

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