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I saw a Sentra with a visor that wouldn't stay up. The owner had taken sticky backed velcro and attached small pieces to the roof and the mating piece to the back of the visor. It seemed to work well, but I think the sticky might let go in very hot weather.

A lot of sellers on eBay have the sun visor clips for sale. Best of luck!

<Correction> The sun visor on my 1997 Nissan Sentra wont stay up either. On close inspection it has nothing to do with the sun visor clips. It looks like the dysfunction is within the visor itself. I don't see any way to repair this without buying a new/used visor.

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Q: How can you fix a sun visor in a 1997 Nissan Sentra?
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It depends on the previous owners before you and how they serviced the engine. It is possible to get 300000 I think. what he says is right, i have a 94 Nissan sentra se and it has 210k on it. all ive done to it was and oil change and brakes. this is my first car and is amazing on gas and really cheap to fix unless you need a motor or something

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Hi, Had similar problem in my nissan sentra 2004, went to cluster specialist he fixed it, problem was in cluster. Pls refer this website Person name is "Jorge". Thanks, Ganesan