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If the skipping is caused by a scratch on the CD, try cleaning the CD. If the CD is scratched you can sometimes polish out the scratch. If the CD player skips on NEW CD's, unfortunately it will probably cost more to repair the player than it would cost for a new one.

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Q: How can you fix disc skiping problem on a sony cdx-m630?
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In what year was the Digital Disc invented?

I dont know when, but the Sony Co. have the patent of Digital Optic Disc. Maybe you can reach this question on the site of Sony.

What was the cost of a compact disc in 1982?

Sony or TDK?

Whether the first compact disc is invented by Sony or Phillips?

The first digitally recorded optical disc was a 5-inch audio compact disc (CD) in a read-only format created by Philips and Sony in 1975.

Which portable mini disc player skips the least?

Sony disc players are know for skipping the least.

Why wont your Sony MHC GX99 read a disc?

Here are some reasons to help your Sony MHC GX99, 1. Check the disc for harmful scratches or fingerprints CLEAN THE DISC WITH A SOFT, SLIGHTLY DAMP COTTON CLOTH 2. Make sure you save your discs in their cases to prevent them from getting scratched, dirty or damaged. DO NOT WRITE ON OR PLACE STICKERS ON THE DISC 3. Your disc might not be readable to your Sony, there is a game shop at GameStop YOU MIGHT ALSO TRY EBAY 4. Your Sony must have not been completed reading the disc, you might want to press RESET on your Sony SUPER IMPORTANT! NEVER TOUCH THE LENS OF YOUR SONY, THAT'S ANOTHER REASON WHY IT HASN'T READ IT

What company invented the first compact disc?

Philips, Sony

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When you buy a Sony Ericsson Mp3 player there is disc with the software needed to load your songs into your Sony Ericsson MP3 player. Put the disc in your computer and follow the instructions to put your tot he mp3 player.

The compact disc was invented by sony Phillips true or false?


How often should I Clean my sony boom box with my memorex opti disc cleaner?

You should Clean your Sony boom box with your memorex opti disc cleaner at least once or twice a week.

Sony Blu -ray and the new hd DVD are saying they can not read the disc what should you do?

Try the disc in a modern computer. If still no go, get refund on disc.

When was the first compact disc made in the us?

Sony first publicly demonstrated an optical digital audio disc in September 1976.

How do I fix a PS2 disc tray that won't close?

take it back to sony!!!

The first compact disc was first invented by Sony- Philips?


Where is the Sony Mz-e25 Portable Minidisc Player made?

The mini-disc player is made in Japan at the main Sony plant.

Who created blu-ray?

Blu-Ray Disc, or BD, was developed by Sony, Matsushita, and Philips. (Blu-ray Disc Association)

What is a UMD slot?

The slot on a PSP the game goes into called a Universal Media Disc a disc format created by Sony for the PlayStation Portable

Where can one purchase a Sony mini disc player?

A Sony mini disc player, while not nearly as popular as a few years ago, can be purchased at most electronics stores. Check out Best Buy or The Source, as well as Amazon.

Did sony-philips invent the first compact disc?

It is true according to my calculations. :)

Ps2 for guitar hero aerosmith disc error?

Check the disc for scratches and/or clean it. Then check if any other games work, if not, gently swab the disc-reading lens of the PS2 with a cotton bud. If these don't solve the problem something may be wrong with the game or PS2 and you should contact the support team at Sony or ask to get the game exchanged.

How many disks does the Sony DVP-NS710HB 1080p Upscaling DVD Player hold?

The Sony DVP-NS710HB is a single disc DVD player.

Why sony playstation 2 could not read burnt game disc?

you can only play it on pc

The first compact disc CD was invented by Sony-Phillips True or false?


Who invented the first CD - Rom?

The compact disc was jointly developed by Philips and Sony