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How can you fix your squeaky fan belt?


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2015-07-15 21:44:07
2015-07-15 21:44:07

I don't recommend any aerosol belt dressing, most are no different than WD-40 in composition. I'd check your belt for wear, cracks, and possibly foreign debris (ie: pebbles, glass etc). If your belt appears to be structurally sound, then take a lithium grease-stick and hold it on your belt for a few seconds as the engine runs... this will quieten your belt.

Or you could tighten up the belt as well. Once belts get old, they start to stretch, resulting in a loose squeaky belt.

answer make sure belt has correct tension. also use belt dressing on belt. available at any auto store

I'd highly discourage using any type of aerosol spray for two reasons:

1. The sounds usually gets worse seconds after you apply it.

2. It usually leaves a nasty residue not only on the belt, but on parts around it and if the belt is too loose and you have to tighten it, you have to clean all that crap off of it.

It's either too loose or there's something wrong with stated above.


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Assuming the belt and pulleys are in good shape, put a dab of clear silicone grease on both sides of the belt. Do this with the engine off. Squeak is gone.

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Either the belt is worn out or the tensioner is defective.

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Replace with Good Year Gatorback belt. Costs more but worth the money.

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It could mean the beginning of the end for your belt or the idler pulley, have them both checked out.

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