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Improving and gaining self confidence is something many people often struggle with. It is easy to say 'love yourself first', however what steps must one take in order to do so. Most importantly you have to first identify that there is a lack of self confidence and begin the journey to improve the way you view yourself. Ask yourself 'In what areas do I lack confidence?" Even if it is in one particular area or skill, that is enough to totally erode your self expression. As I coach clients, from young teens to adults the underlying factor steps from something that is lacking, usually psychologically. A coach in the form of a counselor, life coach, psychologist or other professional can help. Be sure to find resources at .

Here are some tips that can help you get started on that journey:

  • Decide that today your journey begins
  • Get a journal and begin to write down your thoughts about yourself
  • Identify the top 5 areas or skills you'd want to improve
  • For each one create an action plan
  • Enlist the help of others (in some cases you may need a professional coach)
  • This is only the beginning of a journey; make the choice to work at this daily

There is no quick fix. You have to decide that this is a journey and everyday you will check off what's working. Work at your action plan. You can do it alone but at first I suggest that you get some help. A loved one, friend, partner or group can be a huge bonus!

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Q: How can you gain selfconfidence?
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