How can you get a breeding specialist without wildlife points?

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You just use pro mlg hax
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What is wildlife?

Wildlife is wild animals that can attack other species of animals an they hunt down their prey and sometimes kill there prey. This above answer defines an aspect of being human and therefore does not answer the question. Having worked extensively with wildlife, I suggest that wildlife are thos ( Full Answer )

Is there a breed of goats without horns?

Answer . I could be wrong but it seems there is not a breed of goats without horns. Being without horns is refered to as "polled" and is considered a genetic defect. It can appear in any breed.. Yes, there is no breed without horns. Polled is a recessive gene and 2 polled animals should only be ( Full Answer )

Can you breed Eevee without Ditto?

If you have a male Eevee, it will breed with a female, obviously, and vice versa. Females are VERY rare, though.

When is it breeding time for the wildlife in Antarctica?

Since no animal lives on the Antarctic continent, breeding occurswhen the sea animals -- birds and mammals -- can access thecontinent's beaches. This usually occurs in late winter, August,September and October. Breeding season is over when the fledglings can feed themselves andthe sea ice begins to ( Full Answer )

How do you breed Pokemon without ditto in pearl?

You don't ^^^Wrong answer. If you have 2 of the same Pokemon, one male one female, then if you put them into the Day-Care Center in Solaceon Town, you will eventually see the old guy out front standing a different direction.

What breed is a turtle with a pointed nose?

In the panhandle of Florida it would be a Florida softshell turtle. They can be very large, up to 18 inches long. They have extremely sharp beaks, and have a very nasty temper. They can stretch their necks back and bite you, so don't handle this turtle.

What is a wildlife?

Primarily animals which live in the outdoors in nature. This can include bears, squirrels, raccoons, deer, birds, and other various animals who fend for themselves without domestication and human intervention.

What Does An IT Specialist Do?

An information technology (IT) specialist works with computers. Thejob tasks can include installing and repairing hardware,maintaining databases for user applications or overseeingdepartments of other IT specialists. .

What wildlife is there?

It depends on the area you are in. In the United States, there aredeer, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, cyotes, raccoons, alligators,snakes, fish, birds, and more. In Africa, there are zebras, lions,tigers, snakes, birds, fish, and more. In Australia, there arekoala bears, kangarros, snakes, birds, fish ( Full Answer )

What is a specialist?

One who is devoted to a particular occupation or branch of study or research: "Specialists . . . tend to think in grooves" (Elaine Morgan). . A physician whose practice is limited to a particular branch of medicine or surgery, especially one who is certified by a board of physicians: a specialist ( Full Answer )

How can you get a mixed breed of dog without breeding?

You can get a mixed breed puppy si ply by looking in your local pet stores. A good place to look for specific things like that is on eBay. You can buy this breed if you don't want to breed your dog with another. if you don't want to buy one and your dog is de-sexed, find a person or a breeder that y ( Full Answer )

Can you get Wii points without paying?

You can earn Free Wii Points using affiliate sites, most namely GPT or PTC sites. These sites are usually legit and safe, and best of all they are legal. Feel free to check out GPT sites. Otherwise you will not be able to get Free Wii Points unless there is some contest.

Why is it a specialist and not an specialist?

The article "a" precedes words that begin with a consonant sound.The article "an" precedes words that begin with a vowel sound. Thisis generally just to avoid the "uh uh" or "uh ih" of consecutiveschwa sounds, or "uh oh" for the long O sound. The word specialist starts with the paired consonant SP, ( Full Answer )

What breed of dog has pointed ears?

German shepherds, huskies, doberman pinchers, west highland whit terriers, scottish terriers, and a LOT more.

Where is the easiest place to get Poliwag without breeding?

Look in the following places: Fire Red- 22, 23, 25, 6, Cape Brink, and Ruin Valley (fish) Leaf Green- 22, 23, 25, 6, Cape Brink, and Ruin Valley (fish) Diamond- 225, 227,+ 228 (good rod) Pearl- 225, 227,+ 228 (good rod) Platinum-227+228 (surf)

Can you do Weight Watchers without points?

Yes, but it could be difficult, since Weight Watchers teaches portion control. On the new Points Plus plan you can do something similar to the "core plan" (used to be a UK WW plan) where you can eat (without counting points) from only the "powerfoods" list (i.e. the foods determined by WW to be mo ( Full Answer )

Is there a cheat for getting more wildlife points on Zoo world?

no but its easy to earn them, under the tabs on zoo world screen there is a big white rectangle that says.... your next achievement:............ when ever u achieve that u will get one wildlife point...complete 4 and u will level up....if u dont understand an achievement just email me at yukifbr ( Full Answer )

How do you get wildlife points on zoo world?

You are awarded wildlife points for levelling up and for achieving mastery in breeding. You can buy wildlife points for real money by clicking on the Wildlife Fund tab.

How do you make more wildlife points on zoo world?

Well, I guess its not really a cheat but u can try 2 become a breeding master and breed hard and expert animals. U get loads of wildlife points. I don't have any coz I spent them all on zoo lotto. Another tip, zoo lotto is 4 trying 2 get u 2 buy points, like u lose them all then u can't be bothered ( Full Answer )

How do you go on pointe without pointe shoes?

Going on pointe without specially made pointe shoes can seriously damage your toes; it can easily break them, dislocate them and cause growth defects. Although, if you just want to try, you can pull yourself up onto pointe using a pull-up bar- but DO NOT put any weight on your toes.

Can you breed Pokemon without Ditto?

yeah,you just need the same Pokemon of the opposite gender.but remember,you CANNOT,under any circumstances,breed legendaries.

Bad points of selective breeding?

The main bad thing about selective breeding is that it can be very bad for the animals health. Take the pedigree dog, the King Charles Spaniel. This dog has been selectively bred to have a smaller head so now their brains are two big for their skull. This is very painful for the animal and in the wo ( Full Answer )

How can you breed your dog without injuring her?

Most times when your dogs breed they will not get hurt. Sometimes they can get 'stuck' which is when the dog's balls get stuck to your female. The best way to stop this is pouring LUKE-WARM water through them :) Usually no other problems will occur

What would the forests be like without wildlife?

The whole forest would fall apart, and we would have certain death. 0_o. So, don't try to kill all of the wildlife. Ever wonder why there are certain seasons that you hunt for animals and not all of the time?

Do hens lay eggs without breeding?

Hens do lay eggs even if they haven't been fertilized by a rooster; there just won't be chicks in them. Think of it as the chicken equivalent of a menstrual cycle.

Why is it that animals in a wildlife reserve do not increase their number indefinitely even without human intervention?

It is the fact of nature prey all carnivorus animals must eat. On the other hand even though this land is protected and police are active poachers still could get inside and kill only for trophy sometimes they are caught but, sadly most of them are not. There are many protective sites across the glo ( Full Answer )

Why is specialist training important and what are the potential consequences of assisting an individual without training?

Specialist training is important because it fits the trained person to deal successfully with the more complex or difficult problem that come up within the area of knowledge covered by the training. The consequences of assisting someone when you do not have specialist training will vary from not mu ( Full Answer )

Where can you get wii points without downloading?

You should be able to find them at any electronics store (Best Buy,Game Stop, the electronics section at Walmart or ShoppersDrugmart). You may also be able to to find it at a grocery storegift card rack.