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How can you get a membership pass on Pokemon diamond?


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You can get a membership pass by Nintendo event or mystery gift

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The Membership Pass can only be obtained using an Action Replay. The event for this item has ended for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

You don't go into the motel to get the membership pass, you get the membership pass from AR or Events to get into the hotel.

what is the graboid diamond membership coupon code

You have to wait for the Nintendo DS event You could get it through Action Replay Or get it through the mystery gift

the membership pass is an exclusive item that you receive from a Nintendo event. yet none are scheduled for the united states. the only other way would be to pick up an action replay.

you cannot get darkrai on diamond or pearl if you don't have a membership pass and you can only get a membership pass by getting action replay. you can buy action replay at argos. once you have got a membership pass, you need to go to the house that was locked at the top end of canalave city

Through a live event. They have a Darkrai event where they will give you the Pokemon or the membership pass. or you can use action replay

Currently there are no Membership Pass events planned.

You have to get a Mystery Gift or a cheat device like, Action Replay or Gameshark. To get in there you have to have a Key Item called a Membership Pass. Once you get in there you can catch a Pokemon named Darkrai.

you had to get it through event but now you need to use ar

a Nintendo event but i do not know what that is!!!

Darkrai is a dark type of Pokemon. You can catch one in Pokemon Diamond version on Newmoon Island but you need a membership card.

Yes, you can trade them from diamond and pearl

I think you can only pass Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond/Pearl

Pokemon Diamond events won't be in this year anymore. Only Pokemon Black and White are having the events now.

If you have Pokemon battle revolution get the mystery gift membership pass and connect to your game then go to any poke mart and a guy in green will give you the pass for to get darkrai

you have to trade from Pokemon diamond or pearl.

There is no such thing as a "rainbow pass" or there is some diffrent name for it.

you. Need. To. Get. Through. A. Master. Rakned. Contest

Action replay code or Nintendo event.

You go to the event. Or you get the ActionReplay code.

If you didn't get the right timing you cant. You needed a Membership Pass from a Nintendo wi- fi event. Unfortunately you cant anymore.

Pokemon trainers don't know for sure.

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