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Q: How can you get a patient transferred from one hospital to Presbyterian?
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What cities in the US have a Presbyterian Hospital?

Presbyterian hospitals are hospitals that are non profit and non sectarian. There is only one Presbyterian hospital in the United states and that is the one in New York. The New York Presbyterian Hospital is one of the largest in New York with over 2000 patient beds and 13000 employees.

What is discharge from the hospital?

Discharge from the hospital is the point at which the patient leaves the hospital and either returns home or is transferred to another facility such as one for rehabilitation or to a nursing home.

Which one will the hospital benefit from in-patient or out-patient services?

Inpatient services benefit a hospital the most.

What is the aftercare following a lobectomy?

If no complications arise, the patient is transferred from the surgical intensive care unit (ICU) to a regular hospital room within one to two days.

What services are provided by Columbia Presbyterian Hospital?

In order to find out about Columbia Presbyterian Hospital one can go to the relevant website and get information. Also one can get more information from the library books about this issue. Alternatively one can consult an expert in this subject to get detailed information in this field.

Is inpatient one word?

yes it means a hospital patient

How do doctors get to work at more than one hospital?

They actually get privledges if they follow specific rules for each hospital. This is particularly helpful if one hospital in town has an agreement with one kind of insurance and another hospital in town has agreements with different insurance companies; the doctor can send their patient to the hospital that works with the patient's insurance.

What is an example of intrahospital transfer?

A patient who is moved from one ward to another within the same hospital, or from one hospital to another.

What does one call a patient at a mental hospital?

You just call them a patient or you could just call them a person.

How do you catch infections?

Nosocomial Infections are those that are hospital acquired, one which a patient catches during a hospital visit

A recovering pacemaker implant patient can expect what length of stay in the hospital?

After an implant without complications the patient can expect a hospital stay of one to five post-procedure days.

What is a nosocomail infection?

A nosocomial infection is one that a patient contracts while in the hospital.