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How can you get a pretty laugh?


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you can get a sweet laugh when someone tease you sweet laugh


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To laugh a lot - the image is pretty self-explanatory.

If you laugh all the time at something that is not funny or for pretty much no reason at all then you must be backward

nice smile, makes him laugh, pretty eyes ,pretty

LOPL means Laugh Out Pretty Loud

In my experience, gay people laugh at pretty much the same things as heterosexual people.

To make people laugh and it is pretty cool.

I'm pretty sure he wants a girl that can make him laugh,that is pretty,and has great personality!

You kill people >:) **evil laugh** that how you get it my pretty

People laugh when they get tickled even if they dont like is because, there is a nerve inside of you that pretty much makes you laugh. Most of the time i dont like to be tickled either,but that nerve inside of me makes me laugh!! I know for a fact that you people out there laugh to. So dont say you dont laugh when you are being tickled

He says in an interview he will date anyone he falls in love with(even if its his fan) so if you have pretty eyes, a nice smile and can make him laugh you do have a chance if you meet him

If I am correct sort of their "laugh" might be considered a howl... I'm pretty sure they do.

He likes girls who can make him laugh ,are fun and have pretty eyes

Justin would go out with ne girl that has pretty eyes a nice smile, that can make him laugh, is outgoing and it pretty

jeune (young) jolie (pretty) jovial (ready to laugh)

Laugh - i Laugh laugh Laugh - i Laugh laugh

Pretty much everywhere, especially feet. He loves to be tickled because he loves to laugh.

Pretty smile Nice eyes and good personality! (: and someone who can make him laugh ;))

no he said without saying he really likes pretty girls

Well if it makes you laugh then i would say you would think its pretty funny.

make him laugh play with him dont look intrested when hes looking at you pretend to laugh at his jokes if there not funny talk to him and make him intreasted in you give him that look always look pretty in front of him

Things that make them laugh and things that are delicate, pretty, and gentle. How do I know? well I am part Chineese.

it means for instants i have a big pretty smile and he likes a laugh?

Laugh is a noun (a laugh) and a verb (to laugh).

gáire (a laugh); gáirim or déanaim gáire (I laugh)

yes a gorilla can laugh the laugh is like a bis squeaky big laugh.

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