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Q: How can you get a word Rilje pronunciation RIL'-JE translated into hebrew Nikkud or Sanskrit for a tattoo design?
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What is the sanskrit word for design?


What is the Sanskrit word for the design?


What is 'castle design' when translated from English to French?

Dessin de château is a French equivalent of the English phrase "castle design." The pronunciation of the masculine singular prepositional phrase -- which translates literally as "design of (a) castle" -- will be "duh-seh duh sha-to" in French.

What has the author Indira Viswanathan Peterson written?

Indira Viswanathan Peterson has written: 'Design and rhetoric in a Sanskrit court epic' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Sanskrit Epic poetry, Sanskrit poetry

What is 'twilight design' when translated from English to Italian?

Disegno crepuscolare is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "twilight design." The masculine singular phrase shows the Italian tendency to put adjectives after, not before, their nouns. The pronunciation will be "dee-SEY-nyo krey-POO-sko-LA-rey" in Pisan Italian.

What does the word 'stylisme' mean when translated into English?

The word 'stylisme' is a French word that when translated into English means 'styling' or 'design'. When using the French term 'stylisme de mode', one is referring to fashion design.

How do you spell cymmatary?

The likely word is "cemetery" (graveyard).A word similar in pronunciation is symmetry, a balanced design or appearance.

How do you spell designer in french?

Actually, the French stole our word design (keeping the same pronunciation, but of course with the French accent that exaggerates the long I vowel), which itself comes from the French word dessin meaning drawing. The French word design is used to refer to the general art, as in interior design. Some other meanings of the English word design would be translated differently, for example:to develop/create -- concevoir, créera decorative pattern -- un motifan idea -- une conception

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'nice design'?

Bel disegno is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "nice design."Specifically, the masculine adjective bel includes among its meanings "beautiful, handsome, nice." The masculine noun disegno means "design." The pronunciation will be "behl dee-ZEH-nyoh" in Italian.

What are the typical tasks involved in Software Design?

Software design involves a complex set of processes. There must be a plan developed for a solution. A set of task requirements must be translated into a structured description of a computer program that will perform the task.

What is sigillum in English?

"Sigillum" in English is translated as "seal." It refers to a device or emblem used to authenticate documents or packages by imprinting a design or symbol in wax or another substance.

What is the word 'design' when translated from English to Japanese?

The answer to this very much depends on what definition of "design" you mean. 設計する (sekkeisuru) is a sort of general verb meaning "to design". To make it designed, you use the past-causative tense making it 設計された (sekkeisareta).