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You should visit the court and ask to speak with Child Support Enforcement. You can file a claim in the estate.


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You have to pay the amount of child support ordered by the courts. The only way your inheritance might come into play is if your ex decides to take you back to court to get more child support.

The parent is supposed to get the child support, not the minor child.

He doesn't receive support. That is why he is supposed to be living with his parents. While they are responsible for his welfare, if he isn't living where they tell him to, he is a runaway.

You cannot receive child support until the child is born.You cannot receive child support until the child is born.You cannot receive child support until the child is born.You cannot receive child support until the child is born.

A lien can be placed on an inheritance for child support arrears. If the custodial parent knows of your pending inheritance a claim can be filed in the estate and the executor must pay it out of your inheritance.

Child support can be taken from any and all available income sources, to include inheritance.

yes... a immigrant child can receive child support

Yes, all forms of income, including inheritance, can be used to pay back child support.

The child does not receive support payments - the custodial parent of the child does.

no! if the child is still living in the house or if the child is under 18 then yes. take that person to court and get your money! otherwise, NO!

The child support is to "support the child"...figure it out.

Hi there, first let me say I am sorry for your loss. Secondly yes, the state can and will take child support out of your inheritance if you are seriously in arrears in your payments. I guess it depends how behind you are and if you are currently on a payment plan are you up to date on those payments. The state should have no reason to take more money if you are paying what you can each month, even if you are behind. Your best bet may be to get a lawyer or if you can afford it, just get yourself current with some of the inheritance money. Good Luck.

No; as the term implies, spousal support is for spouses. However, you ought to be able to receive child support.

You are supposed to use it to support your children...

You sue the person for child support. Just because you pay child support for one child does not mean you can not receive child support for the one you have custody of.

A child is eligible to receive child support through its mother as soon as it is born.

Child support is awarded after the child is born.

Parents? Who were you living with for 18 years?Um, no! Child support isn't supposed to go to the child but to the parent in charge of the child. If the parent that was supposed to get the child support didn't get it then they could take the matter to the court, but not the child.

The parents of a ward of the state will not receive any child support. They were determined to be unfit parents, and do not have a child to support.

Yes, if a child is actively enrolled as a full-time student at the age of 18, the custodial parent will still receive child support. If the child drops out, the child support will stop.

In Colorado, child support will stop at the age of 18 or when the child finishes school. There is a possibility that the child can receive child support if the child goes on to college.

If you are supposed to pay child support, the fact that the child is earning money from two jobs, has nothing to do with child support. Child support is paid to the person looking after the child to help support your child!

Yes. However, SSA (not SSI) payments made on behalf of the child based on the obligor's SSA count as child support.

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