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If you left the property in the same condition as when you moved in, the landlord has no right to keep your deposit. You can take him to small claims court.

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Q: How can you get back deposit from landlord?
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If you rent from one landlord then he sells the house and you get a new landlord does the old landlord have to give you your security deposit back?

No. In the estoppel that your old landlord signs to the new landlord the security deposit is turned over to the new landlord, who keeps the deposit where it is now, or tells you where your deposit will be located.

What if the new landlord tells you to find the old landlord to get back security deposit?

A new landlord has to have received the security deposit from the old landlord during the process of the closure of the sale of the property. The new landlord is responsible for that security deposit.

If a contract has been signed and a deposit paid can the landlord back out of the deal?


Can a landlord take you to small claims court when they have already given you back your deposit?

Yes. If a landlord later determines that you damaged his property he can take you to court. A landlord is not required to assess damages under the deposit if they would prefer to return your deposit and sue you for more. The deposit laws are generally intended to avoid lawsuits from every landlord at the end of every tenancy.

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit in CA?

He landlord has 21calender days from the time to you vacate, to give you an accounting or your security deposit back. If the are outside the 21time days they forfeit all rights to your security deposit.

What can you do if your landlord refuses to give you back your security deposit because you lost your receipt?

If your landlord accepted the security deposit from you he must return to you unless he have legal grounds to keep all or part of the security deposit. I don't think that the loss of your receipt for the security deposit is enough to allow your landlord to keep it. Thus you can sue him.

Does a landlord have 60 days to give a deposit back to renter?

Of course. In most states he has 30 days to return your deposit.

Does the landlord have to give back security deposit if tenant refuses to sign lease but moves in?


Can a new landlord demand an additional second security deposit of one months rent six months after the original landlord received an initial deposit equivilent to a months rent from a existing tenant?

I think he can since he is new. Did you get back your deposit from the original landlord? I would try to get it or find out where the money went. The money could have been handed over to the new landlord or landlord 1 kept it. You may be able to sue him in small claims court for your deposit.

How long should a landlord wait to give holding deposit back?

1 year lolololol

Meaning of security deposit?

A security deposit is an advanced deposit that is generally retained by the landlord during your tenancy. The landlord is obligated to return such deposit within 30 days with interest earned, if any, and/or an itemized list of expenses for which the landlord is offsetting the deposit amount (for which he wants to keep some or all of the deposit). The laws regulating such deposit varies between states under the Landlord/Tenant laws of that state.

Does a landlord have to give you your deposit back if he forecloses?

Not per se. A foreclosure proceeding on your landlord is no reason to not pay your rent, as long as he still has control of the property. If this is not the case then the bank or other entity that has control over the property will give you instructions on what to do. Your landlord has to give you your deposit back unless he's keeping it for legitimate reason, and such reason must be listed on the paper he sends you when he intends to keep the deposit.

What can you do if your landlord is refusing to give you back your deposit?

Per the Ohio revised code: the landlord has 30 days to make a claim for damages, if he does not than he must return the deposit within that 30 days and if he refuses hire an attorney because the landlord is responsible to pay his attorney and yours plus double the deposit $750 becomes $1,500.

How long can the landlord hold the security deposit after the tenant moved in the state of Florida?

In Florida, a landlord has 30 days to return a security deposit to his former tenant, or to submit a statement of any offset to the security deposit, which must be accompanied by receipts for any repairs to damages the landlord is claiming against the tenant. If the landlord fails to do this, then the landlord may not be entitled to any of the security deposit.

How do you sue your old landlord who forclosed on the property you were renting so that you can get your deposit back after he has filed for bankruptcy?

Get a lawyer

Where does a landlord keep a security deposit?

Most states require the landlord to place the deposit in an interest-bearing account, protected from his creditors.

Can a lanlord use security deposit if tenant is late on the rent?

You can in Massachusetts - you don't say what state you are in. The landlord has the option of using the deposit for back rent, but he doesn't have to.

If you put a deposit on property and don't move in can you get your deposit back?

Maybe. If the landlord held the unit, and then lost a month's rent because the tenant never moved in, he could use that deposit to cover the rent. That's what the deposit is for.

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit in nyc?

In New York City the landlord must return the security deposit back to the ex tenant in a reasonable amount of time. This means within 45 days of the home becoming vacant.

Can a landlord in Connecticut charge first last and a security deposit?

Yes, a landlord in Connecticut can charge first, last, and a security deposit to renter.

How can you get your security deposit back from your landlord in California?

Asking. Possibly with help from your Department of Housing. Small Claims Court.

Can an owner back out of a rental if deposit money was given?

Yes. But the real issue is the contract. Was there a contract and the landlord has a responsibility to it.

What is it called when a landlord does not give the security deposit back?

There's no specific term for this: the landlord is refusing to return security deposit. Either he has the right to because of damage beyond normal wear and tear or he needs to be sued for such money. And if you win in such suit you may be entitled to up to 3 times the amount of the deposit.

Does landlord have to cash security deposit check?


If you put a deposit on an apartment but don't sign a contract with the landlord how can you get your deposit back?

Did the application have any wording on it to the effect that you would forfeit your deposit if you failed to apply for a lease? Many such applications DO have such wording in order to compensate the landlord for taking it off the market awaiting your lease application. Other than that, you'd be in better shape if you received a receipt for the deposit money.