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How do you make an msn?

First, you have to have an email address. If you don't already have one, you can probably sign up for a hotmail or gmail email account.After that,you can register with msn using your email account.Then download msn messenger.You can do it by searching for the "msn messenger" on a search engine.After downloading, you'll be able to login to msn with your email and password.

Do you have to pay msn if you make an account?

No, MSN is a free email account system like yahoo or facebook.

From where can you make my own MSN?

your own msn account? just go to sign up, you make your email account here and this is the email you will enter into your msn.

Where is your email?

Wherever you made your email account. Aol, Yahoo, MSN...

Were can I find other people's MSN?

Get your family/friends email address or MSN account. Then send them an email to see if it works!

What is Tulisa of N-Dubz email address for msn?

She doesn't have an MSN account.

What if you have an email address and it says ypu can't use it for msn?

You must have a "hotmail" or a "live" email account to be able to use msn.

How do you create a new msn email address?

MSN email address is just simply an email account with hotmail. To get a new msn address you simply need to register a new account with hotmail. using that email address you can logon to msn. For more information, please contact info@interwebs.orginterWebs Design -

Where can you register for an email account?

Yahoo!! MSN!! AIM!! Hotmail!!

How do you get a subcription to your msn email account for outlook?

Does anybody know the answer

How can you get an email address of your choice?

Go and make an msn account, and pick your own email adress.

You are pretty sure your msn account has been deactivated Is there any way at all to reactivate it?

To reactivate an MSN account a person has to try to sign in to the account in question. If they cannot sign in, they must answer a few survey questions. They can also provide a valid email account that was used for the account. MSN will then send a password or forgotten user name by email.

How do you get an email account?

Try Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, AOL, Etc.

Can you keep an msn email address if you cancel your Verizon with msn account?

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Do you have to download msn to your computer to get an account?

not at all, go to this website, This will act as an Email address and as an account for MSN. If you do wish to use MSN and a networking tool then just give people your email address and they will be able to add you as a contact. If you want to talk to them then yes you will need to download MSN but if you just want an account, then follow that website :-)

Do you have to have a Hotmail account to be on msn?

Yes, you need a Hotmail or a Windows Live email address in order to have an account.

Does Gmail work with MSN Messenger?

Yes, sign your gmail account with After you activate your registration in, you will be able to use your gmail account(or any other email account) with msn messenger.

What happens if you report someone on msn?

Hopefully there account will be closed and email sent to them before that.

You lost your 'MSN' password and don't remember the alternative email or security question answer how can you log in again?

There is no way to get your email back if you forget the security answer.

Why cant you upload files from your MSN email account?

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Does Amy Lee have MSN?

It's possible that she does, but if she does it's her personal email account, not her public one.

I can not get into my msn email account?

Click Forgot Password link below the textbox where you enter your password

What is Joe Jonas msn?

all the Jonas check this email account now

Can you Open one msn email account on two computers at the same time?

No. One will sign out.

How do you create an MSN account?

To create an MSN account google msn then click download. Create an account will thne be an option