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They refund you the remainder of the premium not used for the year.

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Q: How can you get car insurance coverage without paying full year premium after cancellation?
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Does State Farm Uninsured motorist coverage cover the damage to your vehicle if hit by a driver without insurance?

Yes and i believe no premium hikes if it was not your fault.

Can you drive in NJ without personal insurance coverage?


Can you have homeowners insurance without wind coverage?


Do they sell pip car insurance in Virginia?

They do sell Personal Injury Protection coverage plans in Virginia, but it is not mandatory. Therefore, if you want to buy PIP auto insurance, be prepared to pay a premium over plans without it.

How do i go about getting my totaled and financed car covered by an insurance company that let me get a policy with no collision?

The insurance company would not have required you to get insurance coverage, as it is an optional coverage from the insurer's standpoint. The bigger issue is that the company through which you financed the car would have required collision coverage because it was interested in protecting the value of the collateral. Therefore, it may have obtained "forced-placed" collision coverage on the car and charged the premium to you (through your car payment). If that was done, you would normally have rec'd notice of it and been given a chance to get collision coverage and produce proof of it. Furthermore, collision coverage would have to have been in force at the time of the collision; it would not be retroactively applied to cover the loss.

Can you buy full coverage car insurance without liability?


Need homeowners policy on property you have occupied 13yrs without previous homeowners policy?

you had no insurance for 13 years? You should qualify for a state plan that will guarantee you coverage - contact a local insurance agent - and expect for the premium to be high

For a frequent traveler, is trip cancellation insurance worth it?

Trip cancellation insurance is well worth the investment in my opinion. You never know when something unexpected will happen, and you want to be sure not to loose the money you have invested in your trip. A great example is all the trips that were cancelled in Europe due to volcanic ash. Those without this insurance were out of luck if they did not have cancellation insurance.

When can a health insurer cancel your insurance for non-payment?

Most insurance policies, including health policies, provide for a stated due-date for the payment of premium each month. They usually also provide for a grace period (such as 10 days) after the stated due date within which the company will accept the premium without penalty. The policy may be subject to cancellation if the correct premium is not received by the end of the grace period.

What is windscreen car insurance coverage?

Windscreen is an optional car insurance coverage for your insurance policy. It means your damaged windscreen can be repaired without recurring costs and no effect on your no claims bonus.

What does pay for knee replacement?

The amount for a knee replacement would be between $20,000 and $35,000 without insurance coverage. If there is insurance coverage, the out of pocket expense can be lowered.

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