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How can you get cool ringtones for the sprint A900?


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2007-07-11 18:02:14
2007-07-11 18:02:14

well one way to get a cool ringtone is to create one yourself.
what i did for a cool ringtone was record myself play on the guitar in mp3 format, and created my ringtone outta it.
you could try wackier stuff or just edit a known song you've got and make a ringtone outta it.
i use for gettting ringtones and for editing the mp3s and making tones outta it...they've got everything you might need for basic tone creation, and its free.


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If it came with a cord for it yes or contact your cell provider. Ex:Verizon,Sprint,VirginMobile

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Sprint ringtones vary in prices. It depends on which artist and which song. The most popular songs can cost anywhere from two dollars to four dollars. Sprint's prices vary.

"Yes, there is. There is a lot you can choose from and use on your phone. It can be enjoyable to have many ring tones for lots of people in your contacts."

The best ringtone is just audio of the following question: "Meital, will you marry me?"

Different types of music ringtones include monophonic ringtones, and polyphonic ringtones. Monophonic rintones are the earliest ringtones while the polyphonic are ringtones that can sound many different notes at once.

To get ringtones you need a SD (memory card) and then type in ringtones and then download them or Check out this hoplink it will let you make ringtones...

funny ringtones is an app full of funny ringtones with up to 500 hilarious ringtones that u can use on ur phone

Do you have Verizon Wireless or Sprint? The answer depends on your cell phone carrier.... If you have Verizon, you can just go to the and get a "Myaccount" with them, after that you can download them right from your phone to your phone.

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Need ringtones? There's an app for that. Get it?

On a MicroSD card, the my_sounds folder IS the my ringtones. On a phone, it won't let you move songs to ringtones.

Well, I would recommend getting ringtones from Net10 because they offer a variety of ringtones. They also offer their ringtones for an incredibly reasonable price.

on some phones u can go 2 ringtones and it will either say my ringtones or regular ringtones. choose the one that says my ringtones. If your phones doesnt have that then i have no idea.

There are many online shops that sell mp3 ringtones. is one of online shop that mp3 ringtones and you can get 5 ringtones for free. You can visit

how do I get free ringtones for ATT

Go to settings, General Ringtones

Well, I would recommend purchasing ringtones from Net10 because they offer a variety of ringtones. They also offer their ringtones for an incredibly reasonable price.

There are many sites where you can get quality ringtones of your favourite songs for absolutely free. You can try the Ringtones Mob site where you can get the best ringtones in mp3 format.

If you have an iPhone, you may download a completely free application called "ringtones". It has great ringtones. The only downside is that you need a high speed internet computer to download these ringtones.

you can go to they have great ringtones for free there!

Download Latest Ringtones from

Download Latest Ringtones from

When your in the list of ringtones on the left there might be a save button.

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