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You have to be established, legally, as her biological father so if you have not done that do that first. Have DNA tests done if needed. Then you can apply for custody or visitation rights.

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What happens if you get married to an American man and you want to bring your daughter to live with you?

that depends on if the mother has custody over her daughter or not. It also depends on how old the daughter is. If she is under the legal age limit, then the mother is still responsible and makes all decisions for her. If the mother does not have full custody over the daughter, then the mother and the father of that child must come to an agreement on the living whereabouts of the daughter. If the mother has legal custody over the daughter and the daughter is not of legal age yet, then yes, the mother can bring the daughter over too.

Your mother has full custody. Would your father have to consent for you to get married?

No. If your mother has sole legal custody she can consent to your getting married.

What rights does a mother have if custody hasn't been established?

If you are not married the custody automatically falls on the mother and the father have to go to court to get visitation or custody. If you are married you have equal rights.

Does the birth mother have automatic custody if she and father are married?

No, although most courts favor custody to the mother.

The mother of my daughter won't let me see my daughter what can I do to change this?

Take her to court. File for custody or joint custody or visitation rights.

How can a mother get full custody of your daughter?

A mother of a son or daughter who is not caring properly for their child may get custody of the child. This would be determined by a judge when the parent is not fit to continue to parent.

My 17 year old daughter moved in with my EX mother-in-law. Do I have to pay child support to my ex mother-in-law even tho she did this without my consent. We live in Michigan. how do i avoid this.?

For 1) are you in custody of your daughter? If you are in full custody you could take her to court for kidnapping is your EX mother in law in custody of your daughter? Do you have joint custody? If your ex mother in law has no custody over your daughter you could take her to court, she is not authorized to take care of your child.

What was the name of Mother Teresa's daughter?

Mother Teresa was never married and had no daughter.

Can only a mother sign for her 17year old daughter to get married?

Can only a mother sign for her 17 year old daughter to get married?

Who has custody in Missouri if never been married?

Mother has sole custody. I'm in KCMO. see link

In New Mexico who has custody of children if the parents are not married?

The mother assumes automatic custody, unless she is unfit.

Who has the custody of a child if the parents aren't married in Michigan?

The mother. The father have to apply for visitation and custody in court.

If the mother and father were not married when they had a child does the mother get full custody of the child?

In the United States an unmarried mother has legal custody of her child unless and until the father establishes his paternity in court and requests custody and/or visitations.

Can a mother get her children if the father has had them and refuses to let her see them but the parents were never married and there is no court matters dealing with custody?

Since there is no court order and you were never married it is the mother that have custody. He can be charged with kidnapping.

Who gets custody of a child born in prison in AZ mother is in prison father is not they are married.?

If they are legally married, the father gets rights until mother gets out of prison, after that it is up to the state. If not legally married, they go into state custody.

Who has custody of a child if the parent have never married in the state of massachussetTS?

The mother. The father have to petition the court for shared custody.

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