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First you have to contact the family court, ask for a petition to be emancipated from your parents. If you are self sufficiant and can provide on your own, you can be emacipated. Which means your parents are no longer responsible for you financially. Eash state may have different laws that apply.

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Q: How can you get emancipated without a parent's consent?
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Can a teenage mother in Virginia move out without parents consent?

No, you are not emancipated.

Is it possible to get married at 15 without parents consent?

i have no idea, but i think you can if you get legally emancipated from your parents

Can you get emancipated with out parental consent?

Yes, you can get emancipated without parental consent. You cannot do it without notifying the parents. And the judge is likely to listen to their opinion about letting you go off on your own. And remember that if you are emancipated, your parents don't have to provide you with anything in the way of money or support.

Can a 17 year old move out without being emancipated but have he consent of his or her parents?

With parental consent, they can move out. Emancipation means the parents are no longer responsible for them.

Can you get emancipated at 16 in Louisiana without your parents consent?


At What age can a child leave home in Massachusetts without consent of parents?

Once you are emancipated or eighteen.

Can you get married if you are 16 and pregnant without parents consent?

No. You are only emancipated regarding your health when pregnant.

Can you move out at 16 without being emancipated in Ky?

{| |- | Not without the consent of their parents. Until they are adults they remain the responsibility of the parents. That includes the parents determining where thay can live at. |}

Are you legally emancipated if you get pregnant without your parents consent?

In almost all states and circumstances, a minor who becomes pregnant out of wedlock is not automatically emancipated because of it.

Can a pregnant 17 year old girl get married without parental consent?

Most parents will consent to marriage if their daughter is pregnant. If this is not the case however you will have to wait until you have you baby. When you have your baby you are automatically emancipated and are considered an adult and then you can get married without consent. You are only medicly emancipated, your parents still have legal control over that. You would have to get a judge to overturn your parents desision which is hard to do.

You are 17 and pregnant can you get emancipated without parental consent in Washington state?

Parental consent is not required for emancipation. However, you do have to convince the court and your parents get to have a say.

Can you get emancipated at 15 in Michigan without parents consent?

Parental consent is not required for emancipation. The court has to agree and the parent's opinion in the matter are likely to factor in.

Can a child be emancipated without parents consent in California?

Depends on the child's age. You can read all about it in the link below.

Can you legally move out of your parents house before you turn eightteen without getting emancipated?

Only with parental consent.

Can you be emancipated at 16 without moms consent and can i get married before the emancipation without her consent in Oklahoma?

You cannot get married without her consent. You'll have to wait until you are 18. If you got married, you would be emancipated.

Can a 17 yr old be emancipated without parent consent?

The parents do not have to consent for emancipation. However, the court will take their desires into consideration. And you have to be in a state that allows emancipation.

What states allow a seventeen year old to get emancipated without parental consent?

{| |- | Parental consent is not required to get emancipated. The parents have to be notified and they can present their viewpoint to the judge. The judge will consider the parent's opinion on the matter when making their decision. |}

At age 16 can you leave your house without parents consent as long as you are back before curfew?

No, parents have full responsibility of you until you are 18 regardless of curfew. If you leave your house without a parents consent they can call the police to come get you. The only way you can leave the house without your parents consent is if you were to get emancipated, which in simple terms is the same thing as if you were to turn eighteen.

If your parents consent for you can you be emancipated at fifteen?

check state laws

Can a 17 year old girl move out in tn without her parents consent?

Not unless she's been emancipated in some manner. At 18, she can leave without needing her parents permission.

Do both of your parents have to give parental consent to be emancipated or can just one of your parents do it?


What are the legal qualifications to get emancipated from your parents in the state of Georgia?

I'm 16 and emancipated. I'm married. But here's the catch you DO need parents consent.

If you have a child can you move out of your parents house at 17?

Not without parental consent or becoming legally emancipated. Having a child is not an emancipating event.

Can a 16 year old move out of their parents house without their consent in New Jersey?

No, they may not do so. They must have permission or be emancipated.

Can a emancipated 16 year old get married in La without parental consent?

Yes, if she is emancipated.