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There are companies that write vacany and renovation or "course of construction policies. If your previous carrier is footing the bill for the repairs, they should continue on the policy until the home is completed. If not as them for a builder's risk endorsement or separate policy. Either way they should direct you.

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Q: How can you get homeowners insurance to cover a house damaged by fire now vacant and coverage while it is being renovated?
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Will homeowners insurance cover a damaged car by the garage door?

No, You'll have to seek coverage for the Car under you Auto Insurance Policy. Now if the garage door was damaged then your Homeowners policy may fix it if it is below your deductible.

Will your entire roof be replaced when tree falls and damages only part?

No, your insurance contract specifies coverage for certain damages that result from the covered perils listed on your policy. Homeowners insurance can not provide coverage for things that are not damaged.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to a car damaged at your home?

It depends on the situation but mostly the car insurance comprehensive coverage would cover any damage done in a non-moving accident.

Is neighbors damaged car covered by my homeowners insurance?

it depends upon how the car was damaged

Homeowners insurance cover damaged driveway yard sinking?


Does Homeowners insurance cover damaged shrubbery?

Most certainly not.

What help can I get with repairs to my roof after so much rainfall from my property insurance help.?

The best source of information would be your insurance agent or other Insurance Company Representative. Most Homeowners insurance policies have coverage available for storm damaged roofs.

What does collision coverage What does collision coverage?

In automobile insurance, collision coverage provides for repairing a vehicle when it is damaged due to the fault of the insured. Liability insurance provides for cost of repair of the OTHER vehicle if you damaged it.

Does homeowners insurance pay when personal property is damaged in a fire while vacationing?

A homeowners insurance policy includes up to 10% of coverage C (Personal Property) while off premises. A fire that occurred while on vacation would certainly be covered under this type of coverage. Another incident is a resident child while staying in a dorm at college would also have coverage for personal property while the property was stolen or damaged by fire or windstorm or such at the college dorm.

Does home insurance cover damaged items in car or auto insurance?

Yes, you are correct. Items in your vehicle that are damaged in an accident or fire or whatever are not covered by you auto insurance unless they are part of your vehicle. The alternative is that they are covered on your homeowners insurance. The downfall to this is that you will have a deductible on your homeowners insurance that you will have to meet first.

Does homeowners insurance cover Clean up after furnace malfuntion?

I have a mobile home and the furnace caught on fire and is now damaged does my homeowners insurance cover this as a replacement

Would your bicycle be covered under your homeowners insurance if damaged while riding?


Are baths damaged by bleach covered by homeowners insurance under accidental damage?


Is your car covered by homeowners insurance if stuck by lighting in driveway?

No, Homeowners insurance does not cover vehicles, That's what Auto Insurance is for.. It does not matter where the vehicle was parked.If a tree falls on your car or your car is struck by lightning, hail damaged or whatever, makes no difference. When you purchase your auto Insurance you have the option to buy liability or full coverage. Any damage to your vehicle would have to be filed against your auto insurance policy.AnswerShould be. Same thing if a tree fall on it. no coverage from your home policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover a damaged wind turbine on your property?

There are two types of coverage, and insurance policy and a maintenance contract. Rarely do these offer the same coverages. An insurance policy is meant to cover you when an accident happens. You would need a maintenance policy, it's similar to a television set, when breakdown occurs then coverage may kick in.

Is damage to a laptop computer covered by homeowners insurance?

Laptops covered under homeowners Insurance PolicyIf the laptop is scheduled property on your homeowners policy it will naturally be covered. If you do not have scheduled contents coverage then there may be no coverage for it. A quick call to your insurance agent could get you the answer.AnswerIf the laptop is used for business purposes, there may be exclusions or limitations under your policy. Also, it must be damage by a "covered cause of loss" as described in your policy. If it is not used in business and was damaged by a covered cause as described in your policy, then coverage would likely be afforded as personal property, subject to your policy deductible and depreciation if you do not have "personal property replacement cost coverage."

Does homeowners insurance cover damaged hearing aids?

My mom , while over at my house, dropped one of her hearing aids which fell to the floor. Our bulldog chewed it up. Does homeowners cover the damage to the aid. Your homeowners insurance (Property Hazard Insurance) is specific to the named insured's property. There is no coverage for the property of another. In addition, the cost of a hearing aid would likely be far less than the deductible of the typical home insurance policy.

How much will homeowners insurance pay for damaged sports collectibles?

It depends what kind of policy you have.

Is your deck covered on homeowners insurance?

If you have additional or other structures coverage on your home insurance policy and the deck was damaged by a covered peril such as wind, hail, lightning, etc then you should have coverage for the deck subject to your deductible. If your deck is simply worn from the expected usual wear and tear then it is not covered as that would be an owners maintenance issue.

What is windscreen car insurance coverage?

Windscreen is an optional car insurance coverage for your insurance policy. It means your damaged windscreen can be repaired without recurring costs and no effect on your no claims bonus.

What kind of insurance determines the value of what was destroyed or damaged by fire or other events causing loss?

This would be either your homeowners insurance or your renters insurance.

Would homeowners insurance pay for carpeting that was damaged by a fire started accidentally in the home?


Will homeowners insurance cover damage to a car without comprehensive coverage damaged by fallen tree.?

Homeowners policies specifically exclude damage to motorized vehicles with the exception of lawn mowers that are exclusively use for maintenance of the property. Also, golf carts are usually covered. Automobiles can only be covered by an auto policy that has physical damage coverage included.

Is a fence covered by homeowners insurance?

Fences are covered by policies that have Other Structure coverage (most do) but they are covered on an Actual Cash Value basis, not Replacement Cost. Basically, you'll get a depreciated amount for your damaged fence.

How do you get the most money from insurance company after a home invasion?

Home Invasion and Homeowners InsuranceThat all depends. What did they steal? Is it covered under your homeowners Policy? If the stolen property is listed as covered under your homeowners Insurance then you should file a claim for the stolen property. If the door or window was kicked in or damaged then you can file a claim for cost of repairs.There is no coverage specific to a home invasion on your homeowners policy so there is no pay out for "home invasion" in and of itself.If you were injured firing the home invasion you will need to look to your medical insurance to cover the costs of related health care.