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What is a school?

It is place in which you go to be educated. You learn things and socialise with others.. A school is an institution for education children or adults.

Why is there school?

What would happen if there was no school? All the kids would grow up and they would look physically normal, they would be average size and weight, but they couldn't read, write or do any maths. Once all these kids grew up and got to the age where their generation was running the country, building ro ( Full Answer )

Why do we have schools?

we have school, so we can learn all the different subjects for the world and to succeed in life, afterall "education is the key to success" for example: . science world cultures math English grammer languages- spanish, latin, french, German and also chinesse vocabulary computers r ( Full Answer )

Why do you have school?

School allows people to learn basic mental skills like maths and english, and gain knowledge of concepts like science, technology, art and culture; it also provides valuable social opportunities for children to meet and befriend othes in similar age groups.. It is illegal not to attend school until ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of school?

By saying mom or dad or who ever i need a mental day because today just really sucks!

Why are there schools?

To educate those who need to be educated, so they can become productive members of society and to give all the people equal opportunity to gain knowledge, and to better their lives.

How do you get an A in school?

How to Get An A In School . Studying very very hard and staying out of trouble. Usually it's hard to concentrate to do homework or study for a test, here's some tips to make homework and studying more fun: . 1. Do your homework while listening to music: Parents say that you don't learn this way bu ( Full Answer )

What is school about?

School is about young children which are supposed to go there to learn different things which you will need in an adult life like math to pay stuff or measure etc. The most important subject is reading so you can read stuff like paperwork for many jobs. School is very important for your education so ( Full Answer )

What are schools?

A school is a building for children to learn at. here are some types of schools: Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High, College. Preschool: Little kids. Elementary: Little and big kids. Middle: Big kids. High: Big kids &/or Teen. College: Adults. At school, children learn Math, Science, Social Studies ( Full Answer )

How do you get A in school?

well you study really hard focus on your study pay attention to your teacher or professor and do your home work and your class work .

What does school do?

to help kids learn how to servie on there own and learn how do stuff when they go out on there own and get a jod. i know that and im only 10

Why are there school?

Now, before saying that this person is stupid, please consider thefollowing: . The original poster of this question may be learning English asa 2nd, or even 3rd, language. . The original poster may be a young child. . The original poster may have made 2 "typos". . The original poster may have ( Full Answer )

What to do in school?

annoy your teacher . think about what u r gonna do after school . think of how Ur teacher is so annoying u wanna sue them . poke somebody near you . draw on your notebook . write in a piece of paper how bored you are . think of funny things like little kids that grow wings on their butt . cou ( Full Answer )

Why do we have school?

We have school to learn about the basics to function properly inlife. Although we don't learn too many street smart skills, welearn academic skills to further deal with businesses andoccupations that ultimately determine our life. We have school sowe can get an education and learn to function as a p ( Full Answer )

What can you do to school?

You get to learn at school. You have teachers that teach you all different kinds of subjects...

What do you have in a school?

You have all sorts of stuff, in my school/College there is all different apartments for all diffrent stuff even P.E department.

Why do you have to do school?

Because it is required by law that children are in school, during school days and hours, until they are sixteen.

Can you get into night school if your in middle school?

Depends on which region of the country you are in. Some states allow Middle School students who have show maturity, to attend night school. You can also attend night school if it required of you, say for example you are working for a greater family income during the day. In general, a Middle Stud ( Full Answer )

What is ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects you with random strangers across the globe. Launched in November 2009, it was created by a Russian teenager. Users sign on and are instantly connected with another user's video feed. They can choose to chat with them (audio or typing) or ( Full Answer )

Is undergraduate school high school?

No, undergraduate school is when you are in college attempting to obtain a bachelors degree. High school in other terms is called Secondary School.

Why is ChatRoulette not working?

Launched in November 2009, ChatRoulette experienced a surge in traffic in February 2010 after newspapers and blogs publicized the service. The website traffic got so high that the website required to make some bigger servers. Its creator, a teenager in Russia, said he never expected this much tra ( Full Answer )

Is ChatRoulette down?

No, it is not down, although I find that they do lots of updates equating to down time.

Why should you use ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects you with random strangers across the globe. Many people use it out of curiosity, just to see who is out there. There is also a voyeuristic aspect to it. Unfortunately, many people are using the site for pornography purposes.

Who started chatroulette?

Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old from Moscow, created the site for fun using his coding experience. He enjoyed talking to friends on Skype but eventually grew bored and looked for a better way to connect with strangers. ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects users with strang ( Full Answer )

Why won't chatroulette start?

It depends. Maybe it's your Flash that is not up to date! Maybe it's your webcam or maybe the website is down! You could try on! I go there instead of chatroulette! a bit faster and it a lot stable!

What about school?

School is about learning and studying the wok the teachers gave. School is very important to the students because it helps them learn and know good habits. The teachers give homework to the student. They give homework because will they know how to be responsible. School is very important.

Is chatroulette safe?

Not really but it does have a new safety feature which doesnt allow children to see sex or violence!

What can you do after how school?

Depending on how old you are you may want to go home and play on the computer or go out and hang around with your friends or do your homework or maybe go to a mates house and chill there. Or if your girly you can go shopping or look on-line and the latest fashion and talk to your mates on the phon ( Full Answer )

On chatroulette why do people ask to see your feet?

Either because they are trying to get you to do something goofy, make you you aren't spam or a video, or because they think feet are pretty. It's mostly harmless but some girls don't like the idea of foot pervs getting off on it.

What is a chatroulette alternative?

chatroulette alternatives are other optional chatroulettes lets say if you get banned from chatroulette and want to check out some other chatroulette sites or you get tired of chatroulette and want other chatroulette sites you can search for a chatroulette alternative. The best chatroulette alternat ( Full Answer )

What can not schools do?

like if they can make u do push ups or if they can make u not take off religious stuff but things that are not in the rule books like: u can not come to school with guns we know that's a big no no but can they do something that the school district has not made a rule of ??? a list of ( Full Answer )

When is it school?

School starts in September but u can't be sure which date because it changes dates

What if there were no schools?

if there were no schools it would be bad. bad because we would not get good education and go to collage and get a nice job and earn money and make a living

How do you get of school?

You shouldn't be getting out of school. You can only get out of school when it's a holiday or if you are sick. If you are at Hogwarts, you can only get out of school on the Hogwarts train that oicks students up near Christmas.

How do you get no school?

There are many many ways to get no school like making it snow, or making food rain a lot like they did on cloudy with a chance of meatballs if you ever saw that movie, or just make weather

How do you get in the school?

In "Diary of a Wimpy kid Island? Manny will lead you. When he gets in through the window you will need the dust bin to get through. then Manny will run through the entire school to wherever he goes. I think that's past the Whirly Street gang. They hit you with snowballs all the time.

Why does there have to be school?

There is shcool because you have to make a living and if you dontyou will get poor, sorry for kids who dont like school but it isgood for you.

What if there was no school?

we wouldn't have jobs therefore we would be poor, so we would have no food because we couldn't afford it and everyone would eventually die...sad.

When will be no school?

According to your grammar you should be in school for the rest of your life.

What do you have to do at school?

Well you have to work and try your hardest to maintain a high GPA (grade point average). It can get real hard at times, but suck it up and try to learn. That's what you do in school. Learn.

Can you do school for me?

If we did school for you, you'd never get any qualifications, which means you'll never get a decent job, which means you'll never have an easy or decent life which means you'll never raise a family. Concentrate on your education.

How is school for you?

School is mainly very hard. But, when you take your time and reallythink about what you are doing. You can accomplish, so much morethan you think. Like me i have worked my way through the schoolyear, and it is actually turning out very good.

Who is after school?

After School is a South Korean girl group formed by PledisEntertainment in 2009, with an admissions and graduation concept.The band consists of eight members: Jungah, Jooyeon, Uee, Raina,Nana, Lizzy, E-Young and Kaeun.

How can you get out of a school?

Most commonly by walking out of a door, but in an emergency you maybe able to climb out a window.