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Find a new friend

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2009-06-24 18:13:14
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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: How can you get over losing a friend?
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What do you do when you now you are losing your best friend to their boyfriend?

answerHave a good talk to your friend about her boyfriend,if he /she choses him over you, he/shes apparently not your friend

When was Losing A Friend created?

Losing A Friend was created in 2006-05.

Will she stay your friend if you go out with her ex?

It would be uncomfortable, maybe you should talk to her first, is he worth losing a friend over ?

What is a metaphor for losing a friend is?

Losing a friend is like a summer without a sun.

What do you do if your best friend's ex likes you?

Honestly, if you were a good friend, you wouldn't care if your best friend's ex like you because he or she isn't worth losing your best friend over.

Can losing a friend cause depression?

Yes, losing a friend can cause depression. Especially if you were close to that person.

How do you you attract a boy to you when he likes your friend?

Don't do anything! Is it worth losing this friend over? There will be another boy; it's harder to make good friends.

Is gaining friends worth losing a friend?

Not always, it depends how much of a good friend she/he is. Do you think she/she is worth losing as a friend for those other friends??? If she/she is a better friend than all those other people then no, I dont think your friend is worth losing. _________________________________________________________________ It depends... if your friend is really close and trusting then its not worth losing a friend like that... you never know how your new friends will turn out to be.. you may not be accepted into the new group at times..

How do you get over losing a friend?

You may never be completely "over" losing a friend, but the deep sadness should last about 6 months. It is how the human emotions work out the loss. Meanwhile, try to find people that you can help. volunteer in a food bank, or teach a class for your local Recreation Department. Helping others is the key, here.

What is the phobia for losing best friend?

friendiapobia-fear of not having or loosing a best friend.

What if you and your best friend both have a crush on the same guy?

Always but your best friend before the guy, because guys won't always last but a good friendship will. There will be other guys so whatever you do don't let yourselves fight over him. It's not worth losing a friend over.

When was I'm Losing My Mind Over You created?

I'm Losing My Mind Over You was created in 1944.

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