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Find Someone Who Raises Bees Most people who raise honey-bees are more than willing to come get the hive for you at no cost. Your biggest problem will be finding out how to locate them in your local area.

  • Though it might take quite a bit of effort to locate someone who raises bees, the first poster gave very good advice. Honey bees are extremely important for pollination of crops and are dying off, possibly because of the growth of genetically modified crops that contain DNA from a certain bacteria that has been bio-engineered into them. If honey bees die off in large enough numbers or become extinct, it could put the human food chain in danger, so locating someone who raises them will be worth the effort.....If the bees are in a hollowed out tree, it is nearly impossible to remove them successfully so that they can live elsewhere. If they're not causing a problem, why not just leave them where they are.
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Q: How can you get rid of honey bees that are nested in the hollowed out portion of a tree?
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What kind of tree do honey bees live in?

Usually a hollowed out old tree.

How can you get rid of honey bees that are nested behind the brick of the house?

Notify a professional beekeeper or bee removal service company.

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