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Q: How can you get rid of odors coming from a sink drain?
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What is the stink coming up from the overflow drain in bathroom sink?

If you have a stink coming up from the overflow drain in your bathroom sink, you have some garbage down there that you should not have. You probably have a lot of hair clogging the drain. It is probably slow draining. You need to clean it out and get rid of the gunk.

How do you get rid of the black crud creeping up the bathroom sink drain?

you can try cleaning the sink out with bleach.

Cause of tiny bugs in bathroom sink?

Tiny black bugs you find in the bathroom sink are referred to as drain flies. They are attracted to stagnant water in the drain and need it to reproduce. Having your drains cleaned can help get rid of the problem.

Does this help with musty odors?

The Oreck XL Professional Signature Series AIRPB Air Purifier does help get rid of those musty odors. However, I have found that it usually takes a relatively long time to get rid of the odors. Overall I would recommend this product to someone. It gets rid of your household odors!

How do you get rid of sewage odor from a bathroom sink when you use the kitchen sink?

Make sure all of the traps have water in them and that each drain in the bathroom has a properly installed "P" trap.

How do you get rid of febreze?

In order to safely get rid of Febreeze, simply unscrew the lid of the bottle and pour the Febreeze down your sink drain. From there, turn on your water faucet and allow the warm water help push the chemicals down the drain.

How do you rid of foul odors in females?

Flush em out.

How do you get rid of stinky pee odors?

wee on it yourself

How can i get rid of the nasty sewage smell that is coming up the shower drain?

see that vent is downstream from trap

How do you get rid of too much water in your above ground pool-it keeps raining?

you can install an overflow (just like a sink) or you will have to use a siphon to drain it.

How do you get rid of worms in your kitchen sink?

soak your sink in methylated spirits

How can you get rid of food odors in your house?

* Baking Soda is an age old trick!

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