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How can you get the Hairspray Script?

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Where can you get the hairspray script?

You need to visit a theatre or a production house to get a Hairspray script. You can also get it from the internet.

In what site can you find the hairspray script?

Go to

Would anyone make a script like hairspray and hsm?


Who is the script writer of Hairspray?

Thomas Meehan and Mark'o' Donnell.

Where can you find the hairspray 2007 movie script?

eBay bro

Where can you get a good script for hairspray?

On you can buy it new with lyrics and everything for 8.00

Where can you find the 2007 hairspray script?

Go to any search engine and type in 2007 Hairspray Script. You should get links that come up click on them until you find what you are looking for. To get scripts you usually need to pay a fee though.

Where can I find a Free script of fame the musical?

There actually isn't a free script for this particuallar musical unfortunatly, but you can buy the script. I was also looking for this script, there are websites that you can get ' Hairspray." " Annie" "Lion King". for example and many more.

Why did Nikki Blonsky kiss Zac Efron?

No one knows.They kissed on the movie Hairspray because it was in their script.

When was Hairspray?

hairspray was invented by the egyptians in 2000BC belive it or not the first hairspray was not an areosol.

What damage does your hair do to hairspray?

Hair doesn't harm hairspray. Hairspray harms hair.

When was hairspray invented?

hairspray was invented by the egyptians in 2000BC belive it or not the first hairspray was not an areosol.

What is the song at the end of hairspray?

get your hairspray now

Why Butane in hairspray cans?

Butane is used as a propellant in hairspray. A propellant helps the hairspray propel out of the can.

Did Jennifer Stone star in the movie 'Hairspray'?

No, Jennifer Stone did not star in the movie Hairspray.

What did they use as hairspray in hairspray the musical?

They could have possibly used hairspray but I think they used water.

Did the movie hairspray have real hairspray in the movie?

Yes. When they are having the show on the real hairspray is spraying on them. Also in the stores they sell the same kind of hairspray!=)

What year was movie 'Hairspray' made?

The orignal movie Hairspray was made in the year 1988.

When was the musical hairspray written?

hairspray was written in 1834

What is is hairspray made of?

Hairspray is made up of acohol!!!!!!

What was the budget for Hairspray?

The Production Budget for Hairspray was $75,000,000.

How many times has the movie Hairspray been remade?

The movie Hairspray has been remade one time. Hairspray was originally made in 1988. Hairspray was remade in 2007. Hairspray was made into a Broadway musical in 2002, which led to the 2007 remake.

How much money did hairspray make?

Hairspray made about $196,773,073

What kind of hairspray is used in Hairspray the movie?

Ultra Clutch

What was the Production Budget for Hairspray?

The Production Budget for Hairspray was $75,000,000.