My Pokemon Ranch

How can you get the Pokemon Ranch?


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My Pokémon Ranch is an application that can only be downloaded as WiiWare using the Nintendo Wii console.


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You can't find the Haley's Pokemon ranch in Pokemon pearl. My Pokemon Ranch is a wiiware game for the wii. If you want to get mew get it in My Pokemon Ranch and then transfer it to pearl.

It meens that you will be sending that Pokemon to your my Pokemon ranch game and it will be on your wii my Pokemon ranch

you cannot get shinnies on ranch you can only transfer your shiny Pokemon to ranch

there isn't a Pokemon ranch on Pokemon diamond, its a complete other game! there isn't a Pokemon ranch on Pokemon diamond, its a complete other game!

You have to have it on your DS game. Then transfer it to Your Pokemon Ranch.

can get a mew on the ranch, but mew is the 1000nth Pokemon. you get it when you have 999 Pokemon on the ranch.

Yes!You need to have 999 Pokemon in my Pokemon ranch and then hayley will ask you to trade a Pokemon for a mew she is putting on the ranch the day after.

Platinum is only compatible with Pokemon Ranch in Japan.

Deposit 999 Pokemon into the ranch from pearl or diamond.

Once your Pokemon Ranch has 250 Pokemon on it, Hayley will give you a Phione. At 999 Pokemon she will give you a Mew.

you just have to get like 10 Pokemon at the ranch

My Pokemon Ranch is in the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel.

The Pokemon Platinum update for My Pokemon Ranch is only available in Japan for Japanese games.

You can't get mew in pearl, but if you have my Pokemon ranch, get 1000 Pokemon in your ranch (i think) and put it in pearl. :)

No, only Diamond & Pearl; not even Platinum works on Ranch.

Pokemon must first be transfered to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, then transferred from Diamond/Pearl to My Pokemon Ranch

deposit 999 Pokémon at the ranch

Pokemon farm is now called my Pokemon ranch and no it does not copy it takes them from the game but you can always take them back from ranch anytme unless you delete you data and all the Pokemon will be erased and you will never see them again and 8 people can put there Pokemon in ranch and you can not take other Pokemon from the ranch what are not yours.

no you have to download my Pokemon ranch platinum for free if you have the original if not you pay 1000 wii points

No but if there a too many Pokemon in your ranch Hayley will send them back

The WiiWare game "My Pokemon Ranch" costs 1000 WiiPoints, equivalent to $10.

Just Type Pokemon Ranch download and it will work

My Pokemon Ranch is obtainable from the Wii Shopping Channel's WiiWare section for 500 Nintendo Points.

No Announcement No announcement of an update for Pokemon Ranch for Pokemon Platinum has been announced as of December 6, 2010.

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