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How can you get tree sap off of a latex painted wall?

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How do you remove alcohol stains off latex paint?

Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...these work for me on everything! We removed permanent marker from a white latex painted wall! :O)

How do you get nail varnish off a painted wall?

Nail Polish Remover ;)

How do you determine oil or latex paint?

With a little alcohol on a cloth, over your finger. Rub it - if color or paint comes off in any way, it's latex or acrylic paint (to be painted over with acrylic or acrylic latex paint).

How do you get bluetack off a painted wall?

srub it hard it has relly hard to taket of

How do you get ink off a painted wall?

paint over it with the same color paint that you used to paint the rest of your bedroom wall

Can you paint wall fixtures?

Yes, once the fixture is taken off the wall and spray painted they will look as good as new.

How do you take glue off a painted wall?

Try a mild solvent like Goof-Off or Goo-Gone.

How do you test if a paint is alkyd or latex?

Acetone is usually used to test if a paint is alkyd or latex, though rubbing alcohol will work as well. Use a Q-tip soaked in either acetone or rubbing alcohol on a surface painted by the paint. If it comes off, it's latex.

Can you use latex paint over an epoxy painted wall. and what steps are needed?

You can definitely use latex paint over epoxy. In fact, it is recommended to use latex over epoxy by the paint manufacturers, rather than using epoxy over epoxy. The latex adheres better and if you then want to use epoxy next time you paint, you have a nice coat of latex between the layers. If you use epoxy over epoxy, often the paint will just peel off in layers once some time passes (and sometimes right away).

How can you tell if painted trim is oil or latex?

By testing it with denatured alcohol. If the paint comes off on a rag soaked with the alcohol, then it is water based, If not, oil.

How do you get body oil from a dog off a painted white wall?

I use Mr. Clean Erasers - they do a great job.

What is the best way to get kitchen grease stains off a painted wall?

just ask your wife ,she'll know what to do?

Can you paint latex paint over furniture that has been painted with an oil based paint?

I have tried it in the past. It looked good at first, then after it dried. The latex peeled right off. Then I really sanded it down & tried again. seemed like the oil base sinks into the wood & the latex peeled again. Sorry but that was my disaster.

Why does paint peel off of walls?

Just because you painted your paint on the wall properly doesn't mean your neighbour did as well

How do you strip latex wall paint from formica cabinets?

Latex is water-based paint, so take a very thin rag, put it over the edge of a putty knife and scrape very carefully. It should come off quite easily. Don't rush this job! Take your time and the latex should come off like butter.If the paint has a tenacious bond, use some denatured alcohol to slowly dissolve the latex paint.If the formica cabinets have been painted with latex paint and you want to remove the entire coat, use a citrus based stripper overnight to remove the paint. Cover the surface with plastic sheeting to concentrate the fumes for a more efficient strip. Rinse with water, reapply if necessary.

Can I use exterior latex primer OVER a bench painted with interior latex paint?

Yes. Still follow the rule of "Never apply a coat of paint onto anything powdery or starting to flake off." If that is the case you will need to prep the surface first. Probably by sanding it.

How can you tell if the paint on an existing wall is oil or latex?

By testing it with denatured alcohol. If the paint comes off on a rag soaked with the alcohol, then it is water based, If not, oil.

How do you test paint on the wall to find out if it is latex or oil?

By testing it with denatured alcohol. If the paint comes off on a rag soaked with the alcohol, then it is water based, If not, oil.

How do you clean walls that are painted red?

All you have to do is : get a wet paper towel and then wipe the wall down gently and if it is rough then scratch it off

Why did The Last Supper begin to disintegrate?

It is fresco painted on a wall and the paint flaked off the wall due to moisture and the type of paint used by Da Vinci. The monks also cut a door in the wall that was part of the painting.

Latex paint off of jeans?

Latex paint, when it dries, may be able to be peeled off provided it hasn't been baked into the fiber.

How do you get elmers liquid school glue off a painted wall?

Keep it damp for a half hour or so and wipe it off after it softens. If it is a small spot, moisten the pad of a bandaid and stick it to the wall over the spot. Wipe, don't scrub.

Will self adhesive vinyl like contact paper damage a painted wall?

No, it won't. To remove it later, simply heat it with a hair dryer and it will come off easily without damaging the wall.

Is a latex paint body suit easy to wash off?

Latex paint bodysuits are designed to be washed off easy. It is suggested that an undergarment is worn.

Can you paint oil over latex that is painted over oil?

Hi there, Technically you can, but there may come a day where things starts to chip off. If you have the time, maybe it's better to take off the latex now. On the other hand, if the latex-over-oil was primed well (with shellac), it will hold, and painting oil over that will be OK too for at least 5 years. The oil will suck into the latex, and become matte and maybe blotchy. You can help it by either priming it first (shellac or oil-based primer), or shining it up with a laquer afterwards.

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