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I have naturally wavy hair, but my suggestion would be NOT to use an iron. I have used them for straightening and my hair went from long shiny and hot (lol) to just a bunch of tangles and I had to cut it :( so i would recommend those pink things older folks use in their hair or just twisting it on ur finger for a while. lol sorry i suck at answers

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Does Mary-Kate Olsen have wavy hair or does Ashley Olsen have wavy hair?

Somtimes they both have wavy hair but Ashley Olsen haves most of the time wavy hair.

Is Pantene better for straight curly or wavy hair?

I think wavy hair only a lil wavy tho

Is Shakira's hair wavy or straight?


Why is wavy hair wavy?

because if your hair curls up up when it is wet then you blow dry it and do not press it out your hair will be wavy unless you are just born with it.

Is Selena gomez hair wavy or straight?

Selena Gomez normal hair is wavy not curly i mean the difference about curly hair is that curly hair is puffy and wavy hair is like straight grom yhe top and wavy from the bottom Selena Gomez got exacly the same hair as me!!!!!!!!

How do you say wavy in french?

If you are referring to wavy hair, or a wavy line, it is "ondulé/-e."

How can u get wavy hair?

You can get wavy hair by getting a perm put in, they also have curlers that you can use.

How do you use wavy in a sentence?

She has wavy hair. The wavy pattern of that wallpaper is making me feel ill.

How do you get your hair to be wavy with a curling wand?

Before going to sleep curl your hair and in the morning it will be wavy after combed

How do you keep wavy hair from frizzy without hurting your hair?

well I have wavy hair and I use TRESemme hairspray you can get at wal*mart and its doesn't hurt my hair

Does Demi Lovato have curly or straight hair?

She has straight hair. She has wavy hair. i know because i saw pictures of her on a beach in a magazine and her hair was wet and it was wavy when it was wet so yeah, demi's hair is wavy. she straightens it too tough, but its not naturally straight

Did Pocahontas Have Straight or Wavy Hair?

she had straight hair

Is Miranda Cosgrove's hair wavy?

no her hair is straight.

Does Selena gomez have naturaly curly hair?

No Selena Gomez has wavy hair and if ur me i hate wavy hair that being i have it hers looks good

How do you get your nappy hair to be soft and wavy?

You can get nappy hair to be soft by using moisturizing conditioners and oils/butters but our hair is not meant to be wavy its supposed to be kinky.

What is the different with curly and wavy hair?

curly hair is when you have your hair kind of twisted so you kind stick your finger in the loop or swirl of hair. wavy hair is when your hair has waves in it like a body of waves.

How do you get rid of wavy hair without straightener or blow dryer?

If you get a sufficiently short haircut, your hair will not be wavy. Half an inch of hair cannot form waves.

What kind of hair do oceans have?

Just like when a breezy day meet water.. Wavy / Waves

Why 8 hours to make your hair wavy?

You do not need to wait 8 hours for your hair to be wavy unless you have it in a braid. Overnight or about 8 hours is good because you want the pattern to set. Any less time your hair may not turn out as wavy. If you don't want to wait 8 hours, you can buy a crimper which is like a flat iron but with wavy pannels which can create a wavy hair style.

How to tame wavy hair frizz I have wavy hair and it's really frizzy especially on top of my hair and my hair is also puffy?

Using an anti-frizz product will help to tame wavy hair frizz. One product that has good reviews is Frizz-Ease by John Frieda.

Is wavy hair genetic?


What is the best hair straightener for wavy hair?

Definitely Karmin!

Is wavy hair in?

Yes it is. Well...big hair in general is in.

What hair weave will curl and be straight?

wet and wavy hair

Is Emma Robert's hair curly?

No, she has naturally wavy hair.