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You obviously were more committed to the relationship than she and it sounds like she used you until the ex was back in the picture. You should move on with your life and find a gal that is going to respect and love you unconditionally and not use you. If you "get" her back whats to say two years later she wont leave again. Then your heart would be broken even more. There are alot of deserving woman out there that will be willing to treat you well. Besides they had history together and you know what they say." History repeats itself" Good luck

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Is Kenny Chesney single?

No, he has a girlfriend who he has been with for years.

Does Declan Donnelly have a girlfriend?

No. He broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years a few months ago.

Which members are single in the wanted?

Nathan and Jay are single Max has a girlfriend Michelle from corrie and Siva has a girlfriend has been dating for 4 years now and Tom has girlfriend also

Is Ashley Banjo SIngle?

no e has a girlfriend that he has had for 4 years or something like that

Will I get a girlfriend?

Of course you will wether it's now or in a few months or years time will tell

I liked a boy 2 years ago but he moved then moved back i like him a lot but he has a girlfriend what do i do?

Look around. There's lots of good fish in the sea.

Is mark noble who plays for west ham single?

he is not single, but has a girlfriend. They have been dating for a few years and have a baby together

Is Justin Bieber currently a single?

Yes, he is single, not least the reason being he is only 16 years old. If talking about a girlfriend, he currently has no girlfriend. Though, quoth Justin Bieber "I'm single and ready to mingle!"

Who is the girlfriend of bill kaulitz this 2010?

He's still single. 6 years now.

Who is bill kaulitz girlfriend 2010?

Still single, going on 5 years now.

Who is steven Wilson from porcupine tree girlfriend?

He's single has been for about two years

Is mike fielding single?

Mike Fielding (Actor, The Mighty Boosh) is not single. He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for about 5 years or so.

Do Cole Sprouse have a girlfriend?

Actually he is currently single. But he has dated a few girls in the earlier years.

Does Bryan Monte Money have a girlfriend?

No, he does not, and he hasn't for years. He is the only single member of Escape the Fate.

You are 13 years old and you have been going out with your girlfriend for almost 7 months when should you kiss her?


Who is sungmin's girlfriend?

Rumoured said that Sungmin had a girlfriend before named Anna Lee. But they broke up many years ago. He is single now.

Is it bad for your x to move into your old house where you shared 9 years now moved in with new girlfriend?

There is no particular reason for it to be bad.

Do you have to go out with your girlfriend on your 3 month anniversary?

3 months? Come on little one.. Answer is no celebrate on years only

Who is steven Wilson from porcupine tree's girlfriend or wife?

He's single, has been for about two years since annabelle

How many years did Abraham Lincoln live in Indiana?

About 13 years, and 3 months. Lincoln and his family moved to Pigeon Creek, Indiana in December of 1816, when Lincoln was 7. Lincoln moved to Illinois, with his family in March of 1830, when he was 21.

Has jls boys got girlfriends?

Marvin is married to Rochelle from The Saturdays, JB has a girlfriend called Chloe Tangey (they have been together for a few years) Aston is going out with Sarah Richards (a few months) and Oritse is single. (all as of December 2012)

How many months is 21 years?

1 year = 12 months 2 years = 24 months 3 years = 36 months . . 10 years = 120 months . . 20 years = 240 months 21 years = 252 months

You and you ex have been together for three years and for the last nine months it have not been good her friend moved in with us and her three kids so of course you fault about this all the time and?

if im honest the friend and the kids should get a place of there own. you and you girlfriend need some space alone.

How many years are 9000 days?

24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.

Does Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers have a girlfriend or would he be interested in a fan 19 years old and single who loves him and has been to every concert?

yes nick Jonas is single!!!!

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