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You will need to call or write your high school if your diploma is missing a seal. It is also possible to order them from diploma companies.

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Q: How can you get your high school diploma apostille seal?
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Do you have to have a high school diploma to become a navy seal?

yes1 yes1

What is Apostille Attestation in UAE?

Apostille attestation is a process of documents attestation to make it acceptable in any country under the Hague Convention. Apostille attestation format is legally permitted in more than 116 countries. The Embassy provides this mandatory process due to a concern on your original documents as proof that the documents, signature, and seal are authentic. The documents that require apostille attestation in UAE are: Degree and Diploma Certificates School Certificate Apostille Marriage Certificate Apostille Death Certificate Apostille Birth Certificate Apostille Bonafide Certificate Apostille Migration Certificate Apostille Divorce Certificate Apostille Fingerprint Apostille Registration Certificate Apostille Salary Certificate Apostille Medical Certificate Apostille Power of Attorney Apostille Memorandum of Association Apostille Certificate of Incorporation Apostille Article of Association Apostille For any of the documents above, the process of certificate attestation is carried out by following the government’s rules and regulations. Call us at +971 4 3388893 to know in detail.

Does AAS degree have a state seal?

Typically, the seal on the diploma is the school seal. You will find the school seal placed on all official school documentation to include the official transcript.

What is Apostille definition and How can you apostille a document?

Apostille is a tool created by the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirements of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents. The main purpose of the apostille is to validate the capacity and the authority of the seal or signature of the public official who executed the document. In the United States apostille is a separate page which is attached to the document, while in many other countries apostille is a stamp placed on the document.

With an AA do you receive a diploma?

The AA is an associate of arts degree. The student receives a diploma (the designed paper with school seal) validating completion of the program of study.

Where should the seal on a diploma be placed?

The gold seal is particular to the college or university. There is no standard seal.

What is the motto of Hackensack High School?

The motto of Hackensack High School is 'Seal motto: Scientia Terras Irradiamus'.

What kind of degree does a navy seal have to have?

None. You only have to have a High School diploma to join the Navy. You can then apply to Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDS). If you pass that you will be awarded the SEAL trident pin and will go onto SEAL school and various Special Ops training. The only SEALS that have degree's are usually Commissioned Officers who had to graduate college to earn a commission. I'm sure there are some Enlisted persons with degree's but this is usually not the case as they are busy with SEAL training and missions for most of their career. See for more info.

Why does Obama seal all his records such as college or high school and etc?

He didn't.

How many years of education needed to become a navy seal?

high school grad..................

How do you get your High School transcripts from Carbon High In PriceUt. when I am a graduate of class 1989?

To get a high school transcript, you must talk to the school's councilor. He will print one off and place his signature and seal on it, verifying its authenticity.

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