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brush teeth with bicarb or baking soda


-----BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH ANY NORMAL TOOTHPASTE AND THEN FILL YOUR MOUTH WITH MOUTHWASH (listerine and aquafresh exteme clean..(i think thats wt its called) work best..) AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH AGAIN WITH MOUTHWASH STILL IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course everyone wants a completely flawless smile. But getting your teeth to perfection is not always easy. More drastic measures include lazer whitening which can cost a lot of money going to expenive oral surgeons. Try brushing your teeth two to three times a day. Mouth wash and floss also help your teeth stay clean and with proper care you will have a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. Crest White Strips seem to work rather well. Get into the habbit of brushing more, and cutting down on the coke and caffenine that seems to yellow your teeth. This will work, it did for me!


Do you want white teeth!?! want two wayz to get EXTREAMLY white teeth!?! okay one way is tyo get a flour torttia and burn it until it is hard and black i kno that sounds weird but just try it. When the torttia is done, put toothpaste on your toothbrush, then put the black solid torttia on it. trust me it woks. another way is to put salt on you toothbrush. get the salt a little wet but dont use too much salt! :) haha then put it on your toothbrush you can use it with or without the toothpaste but i would prefere the toothpaste for better taste! dont use the salt on everydad! u can get sick.. do it about every other day! thank you! -Justin

Combine premium white pro and South beach bright together and get amazing results in just one week! Trust me this works!


To get lasting results go to the dentist for teeth whitening. Make sure you don't have any leak fillings or periodontal problems, and don't accept lamp or laser whitening. Laser whitening last very short and also can cause damage to the tooth nerve. Here's a video explaining the tooth whitening -

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Q: How can you get your teeth whiter?
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Can baking soda make your teeth whiter?

yes it can but i mix purayed strawberries with it and my teeth are significantly whiter.

What are the two rules for whiter teeth?

The rules for whiter teeth are to avoid coffee, tea and cigarettes because these stain your teeth. Brush them after every meal.

Does rubbing a banana peel against your teeth make your teeth whiter?


Can a mans semen whiten your teeth?

It will not make your teeth whiter.

What makes your teeth whiter?

brushing it

Does whiter teeth mean straighter?


What is a natural easy method to having whiter teeth?

Brush your teeth.

Why do people bleach their teeth?

people bleech their teeth so they can have whiter teeth and make their teeth attarctive

Does smoking make your teeth whiter?


How can you get whiter teeth?

Brush those suckers

How do you make teeth whiter?

brush them with a toothbrush.

Which toothpaste makes your teeth whiter?

crest does

How can you make your teeth whiter naturally?

brush them

Does milk make your teeth whiter?

yes it does!

Does seman make your teeth whiter?


Do green apples help make your teeth whiter?

No, but they can clean your teeth and no decay for you.

Can you put bleach on your teeth and will it make it whiter?

No all bleach will do is rot your teeth!

What are some home remedies for whiter teeth?

Believe it or not some great home remedies for whiter teeth include just eating some types of fruits and vegetables. It is believed if you eat strawberries your teeth will become whiter, just leave the juice on your teeth for about one minute and then rinse. Carrot Sticks and Lemons are also believed to brighten and whiten teeth.

How can you make your teeth a little whiter?

Squeeze a fresh lemon into a bit of baking soda and rub the bubbly stuff on your teeth with a Q-tip 3 times a week to make your teeth a little whiter.

What shade lipstick to make teeth look whiter?

if you ask me red is the best color to make your teeth look whiter but it's better to pick a color that suites you

What foods can make your teeth whiter?

I know apples are good for teeth and if you want whiter teeth dont drink red wine, or eat stuff like certain pies candies dressings or sauces that can stain your teeth.

Does salt helps your teeth whiter if you put it on the toothpaste?

No, and salt will scratch the enamel on your teeth.

Does men sperm make teeth whiter?


A fast way to get whiter teeth?

Brush them. Easy.

Is it true that Vaseline makes teeth whiter?