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Do NOT give yourself a miscarriage!

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What medicines should you take to give yourself a miscarriage?

For a induced miscarriage aka abortion, the doctor will give you a combination of Mifepristone, aka the abortion pill, and Misoprostol.

Can you go to jail if you give yourself a miscarriage?

If you perform an abortion on yourself without doctor's supervision that is an illegal abortion and yes, you can go to jail.

What household preparations can cause miscarriage?

Nothing. It is both illegal and highly dangerous to attempt to give yourself a miscarriage. Anything you do use is more likely to make you very ill before it aborts the baby.

I do you make yourself have a miscarriage?

If you are referring to a natural miscarriage Mother Nature takes care of that and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are talking about induced miscarriage aka abortion, you have to go to a clinic. Inducing your own miscarriage is illegal in the USA.

How do you have a intentional miscarriage?

If you talk about abortion you have to go to a clinic. There is no way to induce a miscarriage yourself. See related link below for more info.

I am pregnant but i don't want to keep the baby and i refuse to go through labor to put it up for adoption how do i cause myself to have a miscarriage?

You could always have someone beat you up! I find this question to be creepy and queer. Labor really isn't as bad as it sounds, and there is no way to give yourself a miscarriage without injuring yourself badly as well. Although, after reading this question, I kind of feel like you would deserve it. Anyways, the safest way to get rid of the unborn fetus is to get an abortion at a clinic. Just for your information, however, an abortion hurts just as bad as labor OR trying to give yourself a miscarriage. :) Enjoy!

What medications do doctors give to help speed a miscarriage?


Had a miscarriage in may08 pregnant again should miscarriage be a concern?

Not necessarily. A miscarriage can happen during a woman's first or fourth pregnancy. There is always a chance, but you shouldn't stress yourself out about it happening again every time you become pregnant.

What happens when you have a miscarriage at 40 weeks?

At 40 weeks it's not called a miscarriage but stillborn. You will have to give birth as if the baby was alive. They will induce the labor.

How do you you make a miscarriage happen?

For a induced miscarriage aka abortion you have to see a doctor and he will give you a surgical or medical abortion depending on your health and how far along you are.

Can you give yourself HPV?

No you can't give yourself the HPV.

How do you know if you've passed everyth ing in miscarriage?

You always have to go see the doctor after a real or potential miscarriage. They will give you a D&C if not everything have passed.

Can taking a lot of vitamin c give you a miscarriage?

Nope! You will just pee it out.

Do you have to go to the doctors after a miscarriage?

Yes you do, to make sure there are no remains that give you an infection.

How do you give yourself type 1 diabetes?

there is no way, to give YOURSELF type 1, but type 2 you can give yourself by eating to much.

If my sex partner smokes pot can i get a miscarriage?

I'm not aware of any tests that suggests this. Obviously, you can always miscarriage, but the chances of this will likely not be increased by him smoking marijuana. I would strongly advice you to not expose yourself to secondhand smoking (or smoke yourself for that matter) as that can have very negative implications for your baby.

How do you give yourself a miscarriage at 3 weeks?

Go to planned parenthood. They have two methods, pill and surgical. People have used coat hangers in the past. People have also died from using coat hangers, so don't.

How long after you have what you think is a miscarriage can you go to the doctors?

There is no established period. You go right away and check yourself. No fear.

If a pregnancy test is taken a week after a possible miscarriage will it give an accurate result?


If you are on birth control and you get pregnant and you continue to take the pill can it make you sick?

It can give you a miscarriage

What to do about miscarriage?

Can you be more specific on your question? If you had a miscarriage, you had a miscarriage. There's nothing you can do.

Will epilespy make you have a miscarriage?

Often one may go into epileptic shock and have a seizure. During this seizure, it's possible to fall, or in other ways hurt yourself. This type of miscarriage, however, is purely physical. Other than direct trauma to the womb, epilepsy should never cause miscarriage.

What kind of care do you have to have after having a miscarriage?

As long as the bleeding is settling there is no specific physical care needed after a miscarriage though you may feel emotionally fragile for quite a while as you have suffered a bereavement after all. Take care of yourself.

Should you give floweres if someone has a miscarriage?

it would be thoughtful but make sure they like the flowers :)

Can you give herpes to another person and not have it yourself?

No you can't give herpes to another person and not have it yourself.