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How can you go taller for free?

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Stand Straight up - Strech Alot - Eat Bananas - Drink Milk - Yoga

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How you can get taller?

Go to bed Early

Does Justin bieber go out with girls taller than him?

you asked your question wrong,ma' loveie,it should be; "Does Justin Bieber go out with boys taller than her?" and the answer to that is yes,yes she likes taller men to date.

How tall do you have to be in to go in the WWE?

you can be the size of Hornswogle or taller to go to WWE

How do you become taller fast?

i'd go with stilts

Do people who eat more grow taller?

No people who eat more do NOT grow taller. People grow taller when they sleep more. We have hormones in our body which work when every other hormone's is asleep, so this means that we grow taller when we go to sleep.

Will alex wolff go out with a girl taller than him?

Yes..In time Alex wolff will find the love of his life who will be significantly taller than him

Theres this girl that likes me but shes taller than me i dont know if i should go out with her and i hate her because shes taller than me?

Don't go out with her. You will never be able to get beyond the fact that she's taller than you. Some day you will just hurt her feelings badly if you develop a relationship.

How to grow taller?

Go to Walmart and get that growning drink I hope this helps

What taller on a tree the roots or the tree?

the tree, roots go out in all directions

Can a 4'6 girl go out with a 5'1 boy?

Yes, boy's are usually taller.

What do you need to eat or drink to get taller?

we need to drink or eat to get taller . when we eat or drink our bones get taller that is why we get taller.

How do you grow taller for free?

You pay some one 60 dollars. And they will hit you with a magic wand and you shall GROW!

That an 8th grade girl would go out with an 8th grade boy who is about 8 inches taller than her 5'1- 5'9?

Height isn't a problem, you can still date if he is taller.My boyfriend was way taller than me and that didn't affect our love.

Is Justin Bieber going toget taller?

yes, when go goes through puberty

What is taller?

Tall is a comparative tallerTaller is a AdjectiveTaller is used for more than a object, or describing a word.For example, He is taller by 1 inch.Tall, Taller, Tallest, Tallish, Tallness.They are all the same, but it's describing or comparing into a object.

What sport makes you grow taller?

just exercise a lot by doing so,it can make you not only be taller but prettier or healthier or skinnier you can play the basketball go swimming or just jump

Are you taller at night or in the morning?

You are taller in the morning.

Which olsen twin is taller?

Ashley is taller.

Why do boys get taller?

they get taller because of their hormones

Which is correct - He is taller than you or He is taller than you?

yes because hes older and taller

Who is taller yoda or r2d2?

R2-D2 was taller than Yoda.

If you lose weight is it true you will get taller and if so how much taller?

No, you will not actually grow taller but you will appear taller because you are slimmer.

Is a tulip taller or shorter than 1 meter?


Jen is 53 inches taller and Dedo is 48 inches tall who is taller?

As long an jen isn't taller by -6, than jen is taller no matter what

Do Giraffes go through changes?

What kinds of changes? If you mean getting taller, then yes. All animals go through changes.