How can you grow your eyelashes?

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Tips To Make Your Eyelashes Grow longer Naturally

- You can apply vaseline to make your eyelashes grow. Its

regular application before sleep can make them longer. You can

apply them by using a small make up brush or even a toothbrush. You

can gently spread them and apply vaseline on your eyelashes. You

should wait for 2-3 minutes before washing them off. It nourishes

them and keeps them shiny and healthy. Especially Norwegian woman

follow this trick for enhancing their beauty.

- You can also use mascara to enhance the length of your

eyelashes. There are many products in the market, which claims to

grow your lashes, but using mascara is the quickest way to make

them look longer. Wearing mascara is the latest trend among women

with a good fashion sense.

- Some products like lash accelerator can make your eyelashes

grow naturally. They contain serums, proteins and conditioners for

strengthening weak lashes. They make them longer too. They nourish

your lashes and make them look larger.

I hope this Tips can help you to grow your eyelashes..

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