How can you handle a strict teacher?

How To Handle a Strict Teacher

Handling a strict teacher is easy! First, recognize that the reason the teacher is strict is that he or she cares about the students and that they learn. It's much easier for a teacher to go into a classroom every day and pretend to be a friend to the students, have easy lessons, have slack discipline standards, and not require a whole lot from students, when he or she is just taking the easy way out, is lazy, or just really doesn't care. Strict teachers, on the other hand, know before they start that students are not going to appreciate them, maybe not even like them, but that they'll learn and have discipline.

Second, follow the teacher's rules, pay attention in class, do your homework on time, and study for those hard tests strict teachers often give. Now I know that sounds like a real drag, but doing those things goes a long, long way in handling teachers who are strict. It also goes a long way to help you have discipline, responsibility, and all those great qualities that you will need to really succeed in life.

Now, I know this is probably not the answer you were looking for, but I've been on both sides of the teacher's desk. I know what I'm talking about because when I'm on the teacher's side of the desk, I'm a strict teacher.

One more thing! What you've been told about appreciating strict teachers when you get older. Believe it! It's true!

The teachers sometimes get strict because your not following the rules or your not listening and less listening means your not learning that means they get mad because your not learning.