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How can you have a nice smile?


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frist of all no one has an ugly smile your smile is something that comes from your center of expersion.

that shows your happy


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aha; you know you have a nice smile when you go into the bathroom and look in the mirror, and smile for no reason. you know you have a nice smile when you practice it, and you know you have a nice smile when you agree with people when they tell you that you have a nice smile. =]

You have a nice smile = Du hast ein schönes Lächeln (informal) You have a nice smile = Du hast ein schönes Lächeln (formal)

Just tell her you like her smile, she will obviously Smile. But, If she likes you, you won't need to make her smile, she will just naturally smile whenever she looks at you. Simple say something nice do something nice and then be funny and smile.

The phrase "You have a nice smile" in Russian is "У вас есть приятная улыбка."

Smile can be a noun, e.g. " He has a nice smile" or a verb, e.g. "Make sure you smile nicely for the photographer."

makeup and nice big smile

nice eyes and a nice smile :)

Be really nice, smile and flirt.

Tell her she is pretty, has a nice smile, so on.

a girl with a nice personality that has a nice smile ( and a nice pretty face ) :)

You be nice to your enemy by not really talking to them. You just flash a nice smile to them every now and then. I know that once you just smile for about 3 weeks or so, they sometimes start smiling back. Unless they truly hate you. Most likely they will smile back after a while though.

Funny, a nice person, a brunette is nice, nice smile...aka Louis

Yes He's a very nice guy with a very nice smile and adorable eyes.

The way u can tell a Guy likes ur smile he will look and smile then try to fix his clothes nice

smile a lot, cut the sarcasm unless it benefits the person you are acting nice to

Smile at him. Keep looking at him but with a nice smile though. Giggle! :DD x

Flirt, be really nice, smile, laugh at him/her jokes, be helpful, compliment, smile...etc.

Nice girls should have a nice smile, be clean and neat and a sense of style or flair.

sehr schönes Lächeln

Flirt with her, smile at her. Just be nice!!!!!!!!

It means to be as nice as your smile is. Like if someone would say, 'that's one mean jacket', they are complimenting it, right? So, replace nice for mean. : )

He likes a girl with a nice smile and a nice personality.

smile is happy thing for us . if u will smile then only some one will like uFrom ARUN have a nice day never thing of negative gives us a bad smile .

They like a Mindless, confident girl with a nice sense of style, a nice smile, and a nice personality.

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