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It depends on how concentrated the acid is. Say it's .00001 M HClO4. pH = -log([H+]). In this case, [H+] = .00001 M, and thus -log(.00001) = 5.

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What is pH of a strong acid and pH of a weak acid?

A strong acid id PH 1 or 2 and a weak acid is a number between 5 or 6 Not 7 because that is neutral

What is stronger - acid or alkaline?

Both an acid and an alkali can be strong or weak. These are 2 different things. A strong acid is an acid which has a low pH (pH 1 or 2 or 3) and a weak acid is an acid of pH about 5 or 6. Whereas a strong alkali is an alkali of pH 11, 12 while a weak alkali has a pH of about 7 or 8.

Which pH would be appropriate for a strong acid?

A strong acid would have a pH of 3 or lower. The lower the pH, the stronger the acid.

What pH is a strong acid?

a strong acid is around pH 1 or 2, ph7 is neutral and a strong alkali is pH 14

What is a strong acid-?

It has a pH closer to the beginning of the pH scale and example of a strong acid is stomach acid

How does pH of a strong acid compare with the pH of a weak acid?

i think a strong acid ionizes completely in water while a weak acid ionizes partiallly in water therefore the pH of a strong acid is greater than that of a weak acid The first part of your answer was correct, but the second was reversed. The pH of a strong acid is lower than the pH of a weak acid.

Is acid rain a strong or a weak acid?

Acid burns! DAR it has the pH scale of 3-5

Is strong acid on the pH scale is 3?

A strong acid is usually of pH 1-3

What is the pH score for a strong acid and a strong base?

A strong acid will have a low pH and a strong base will have a high pH.

Is pH 2.1 a strong or weak acid?

This is a strong acid.

Differences between a strong acid and base?

A strong acid will have a very low pH A strong base will have a high pH

What should be pH value to be strong acid?

The pH will depend on the concentration of the acid, not on whether it is strong or weak.

Is pH of a strong acid higher or lower than the pH of weak acid of the same concentration?

The pH of the strong acid will be lower. This is because a strong acid dissociates >99% in solution, while a weak acid dissociates less then 2%.

What does it mean to be a strong or weak acid or base?

a strong acid is lower on the pH scale a strong base is higher on the pH scale

What value on the pH scale represents a strong acid a strong base and a neutral substance?

Strong acid = 1 pH ( or lower ) Strong base = 14 pH ( or higher ) Neutral solution = 7 pH

What is the meaning of weak acid in pH term?

In pH terms, a weak acid is said to be not as acidic as strong acids. That is, the weak acid is almost 5-6 (approximately), or thereabout. A strong acid ranges from !-4, that means that that acid is very corrosive and dangerous.

Would a strong acid have a lower pH level than a weak acid?

yes a strong acid would have a lower ph level

What is the pH of a very strong acid?

pH is not a measure of how strong an acid is, it is a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. This depends on both the strength of the acid/base and how much is dissolved in a given amount of water. Any acid will produce a pH below 7, and a strong acid will usually produce a very low pH, but again, that depends on the concentration. However, a pH of 0-3 would be considered a strong acid. Yet concentrated glacial acetic acid although very corrosive and strong would not have a pH this low.

Would a strong acid have a pH closer to 14?

A strong acid always has a pH much lower than 14.

Is 1 a strong acid on a pH chart?

Yes, with pH 0 being the strongest acid. Hydrochloric Acid is at pH 1.

How strong is the acid in your stomach?

measured on the PH scale, stomach acid is between pH 0.8 and pH 0.10 if you dont know what that means, its incredibly strong.

If a substance has a pH of 6 is it a strong or werak acid?

Strong acids have pH values below 3 , so it is a weak acid.

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