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when i was 16 years old i was arrested for shoplifting with another girl, i used a fake name and age so my parents wouldn't find out and the chares were dropped. then i was arrested years later for a traffic ticket and no prove of insurance and found that the reocrd was there. can i get them remove from my record?

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When you were 19 you were convicted of a drug charge after probation it was to be esponged from your record it is still there?

it is still there.. I was moved from ca to mo so my probation ended in Mo why is it is still on my record

How do you sponge criminal record?

How do you sponge criminal record

Why did Jesus have a criminal record?

Jesus did NOT have a criminal record.

Do lawsuits go on your criminal record?

Civil law suits are not criminal activity. They are a part of you public record, but not your criminal record.

How do you answer 'Have you ever been convicted of a crime' on a job application if you commited the crime at seventeen years of age?

First look to have your 1st time felony esponged....may cost a lil money but it will pay off in the long run. If you were a junvenile when the offense occured, then they won't be able to pull up your record as you were not an adult at the time. Answer NO and see a lawyer about the esponged of your record!

How long does truancy stay on a criminal record?


Will get criminal record for petit larceny?

Will get criminal record for petit larceny?

Did la salle have a criminal record?

No he did not have a criminal record but people say he did

How long does your criminal record stay on your file?

A criminal record is forever.

Is clean criminal record an oxymoron?

No, but a wonderful criminal record would be.

What is another phrase for Clean Criminal record?

No criminal record. No criminal convictions. Clean as an angel's wing.

Did Clara Barton ever have a criminal record?

No, she did not she almost got a criminal record.

Does Selena gomez has a criminal record?

No, Selena Gomez doesn't have a criminal record

How do you get a criminal record?

You can obtain a criminal record from being tried and convicted of breaking a law.

If a warrant is dropped does it remin on your criminal record?

Warrants do not appear on your criminal record, only your arrests and actual criminal charges.

Can someone with a criminal record run for public office I don't have a criminal record I'm trying to create a power hungry super viallian? you have a criminal record ??!!

Can you enter Fiji with a criminal record?

You can enter Fiji with a criminal record but you must first get approval from the immigration department. If asked about your criminal record, it is best to be honest and upfront.

Will your criminal record follow you to another state?

Yes, your criminal record, like your driving record, will never go away.

Is a DUI shown on your criminal record in Arizona?

Yes, it is indeed shown on your criminal record in Arizona.

Is a minor misdemeanor in criminal record?

ALL crimes of which you were convicted are in your criminal record, Felony AND Misdemeanor.

Can you enter South Africa with a criminal record?

can you go to south africa to work with a criminal record

Does a caution mean a criminal record?

no you will have to go to magistrates court at minimum to receive a criminal record

Can you enter Mexico with a criminal record from ny?

Can you enter Mexico with a criminal record from New York

Can you work as an IT you having a criminal record?

depends very much on the criminal record, usually yes

How long does a criminal conviction stay on record in VA?

Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, your criminal record is a permanent part of your adult criminal history record.

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