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Victims of abuse suffer from many conflicting negative emotions: helplessnes, rage, self-chastisement, guilt, and so on.

There are such a wave of emotions that an abuse victim go through after the relationship ends. For myself personally, being a believer in Christ, He bore the emotions I sustained and surpressed during my abusive relationship. I honestly don't know how I could have gotten through those emotions otherwise.

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I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for about 5 years. First things first, you CAN become strong enough to leave....It may take some time. Get help! I saw a therapist for about 2-3 years and she helped me gain my self confidence and the strength I needed to leave my partner. Get a support system. Family, friends or anyone that can be there for you. My partner turned into a stalker.....if that happens, maybe you need the help of the police. Read books on this topic. Learn the abusers' techniques...They like to belittle and make you feel less than what you're worth. That makes them feel better. Once you understand what they're doing, it will make you stronger to fight back. Hope this helped. What I did was I started to take action, positive action. First of all taken safety if you married or living together, go to your landlord and explain you want them taken off the lease and get the locks changed. Then disconnect completely from mutual friends and family. Change your phone number and get it unlisted. Once these things are taken care of, move preferably if you can. Then start a new life. Go through the pain and move on to bigger and better. Good luck. In life, every decision is a trade-off. There is always a price to pay. You should weigh and decide what you value more: avoiding his abusive conduct or avoiding his wrath and stalking if you leave him.

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I realize you may not feel there is any place to turn but there are many shelters or community support programs for you and are willing to help and guide you through the steps you will need to go through that will best suit your needs. There is no shame in asking someone for help especially when your safety is at stake. At this point you could either seek guidance from family members you trust and just leave they can help you or the police would be happy to help you retrieve any items that are yours or course if the place is yours you may have to have him removed but again you may know it is not always that easy. It is best to be somewhere he doesn't know you are if you are at fear for your safety plus have a restraining order placed against him.

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There are many ways to heal emotionally from an abusive relationship.

Seeking counseling, although sometimes intimidating, is a huge first step towards healing. Many people are ashamed to talk to a counselor, but there's really nothing to be ashamed about; going down this road means you understand you've been hurt, and realize that you need some guidance to understand what has happened and heal from these abusive experiences.

Building a support system of people who are loving, trustworthy, and who you can count on is a big help. Just knowing that there are people around that you can call and who support you, be they friends, family, co-workers, roommates, etc., is a huge thing. If you don't have these sorts of healthy relationships in your life, perhaps this is a time to reach out and make new acquaintances.

Talking about abusive experiences can be healing. It's tough enough to think about those experiences, let alone talk about them, but talking truly can make a difference. Writing in a journal, or an online forum dedicated to the subject, can be healing experiences.

It's very important to find your strength again--to remember that abuse is NOT okay, NOT your fault, and that you ARE a worthwhile individual who is capable of making the world a better place.

It takes a while to heal emotionality from abuse, and the road isn't always easy, but it is well worth it.

Good luck, and don't give up!

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Talk to someone, get your feelings out. Things feel so much better when you tell someone, hopefully someone you trust.

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If you are trying to get over your abusive ex boyfriend, spend time learning something new.

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Q: How can you heal your emotionally abusive relationship?
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Do narcissist need time to heal after a relationship?

NO!!! Narcissists don't heal. They are teflon emotionally. Just get away from them.

Is staying in abusive relationship a good idea?

You should definitely go. An abusive relationship is unhealthy for you both physically and emotionally. If you continue to stay with that abusive person, you will more than likely end up being attracted to more abusive people in the future. In fact some abusive relationships can lead to suicide and/or being murdered.

How do you get out of the trap of the emotionally abusive relationship?

Go to your local DV Crisis Center and ask to speak to an Advocate ASAP and make a plan.

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My emotionally abusive bf walked away from our relationship and acts as if he can move on but I am not dealing so well with the ending of the relationship why?

Get and read the book WOMEN WHO LOVE PSYCHOPATHS Don't be put off by the title - it will help you understand. Take this as a sign that this man isn't right for you in the first place hence "Emotionally abusive.. You would want him to walk away. Rather than torture you into staying in a emotionally ill relationship, You get to move on with your life.. Everything happens for a reason take this as a lesson about relationships. You need to see a therapist to talk about your relationship. I'm actually seeing one for a previous relationship that was unhealthy..

Is a guy who constantly calls to complain about his health problems being emotionally abusive?

I'm not sure if it's a full-blown emotional abusive relationship, or even on the road to becoming that way, but I do feel taken advantage of him at times.

How can you tell your boyfriend he is emotionally abusive?

smacking people hahhahahahaaa

Why would emotionally abusive boyfriend suddenly end the relationship when before he always got upset afterwards and wanted me back?

to control you. abusers want total control

Move out and continue the relationship?

do not continue an abusive relationship once you are strong enough to leave... my daughter divorced her emotionally abusive husband who molested her children,,, in less then 3 months she is seeing the pediphile again and isolateing herself from her family and forcing the children to be with this man again... if you go back into an abusive relationship of any kind your the same as the abuser, mayber even worse... do not be a fool or victimize your self again... don't do it.............................

What is a sentence for abusive?

It is important to exit an abusive relationship carefully. Slavery is abusive.

Is abusive relationship is good or bad?

Abusive relationship is not good. It affects nearly all aspects of life.

How do you get your sister out of a abusive relationship when she is denial and its emotionally killing her?

The key to the problem is your sister and until she realizes that she is in an abusive relationship there is not much you can do. Of course you love your sister, but the best thing you can do is to say nothing and know she has to learn the hard way. This is certainly a difficult task for you as you want to keep her safe and see her happy, but your sister has to see that in herself first.