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Abusive relationship is not good. It affects nearly all aspects of life.

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Q: Is abusive relationship is good or bad?
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Is staying in abusive relationship a good idea?


Is divorce ever a good idea?

If you are in a bad relationship, you should get out of it. If you see areas of improvement which could easily be changed, go to counseling before you take the matter any further. If the relationship is abusive, you have the right to get out of the relationship.

What is an emotional abusive relationship?

calling names such as fat, lazy, making someone feel bad for themselves..never stay in a emoctional abusive relationship..they can cause MAJOR depression problems

Why do people remain in abusive relationships?

because there can be good things that come from the bad relationship.....that person may just have an anger issue but is still very sweet sometimes

What was the relationship between Hitler and his father?

They did not have a very good relationship because Hitler's father was quite abusive and authoritarian.

Did Adolf Hitler have a good relationship with his mum and dad?

He had a good relationship with his mother and was very close to her, but not with his father, as his father was very stern and abusive.

What is a sentence for abusive?

It is important to exit an abusive relationship carefully. Slavery is abusive.

What are two signs of an abusive relationship?

There are many signs to watch out for in an abusive relationship. Watch the video with the link below for one of the signs and watch other videos via our youtube channel to get more on signs which are traits to watch out for in an abusive relationship.

What is a good abusive relationship slogan?

After receiving that first blow it's time to GO!

How do you get help when you are in a very bad abusive relationship?

When you are in a very bad abusive relationship, you should use caution while building your plan to get to a safe place. Seek local resources that might be useful, including advocates that can help in putting together a safety plan and in utilizing whatever legal resources might be useful or necessary in your plan. Build your plan erring on the side of paranoia -- leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship. When you have a plan, follow it, even when you're scared. It is very unlikely that anything in your relationship will change until you are in a safe place.

Do women stay in abusive relationships because is their fault?

Woman always try to give excuses in order to stay in an abusive relationship. If your in an abusive relationship then get out of one. It does not matter if you love them if they are hitting you they don't love you. There is no reason for a woman to stay in a abusive relationship. If they are abusive then they are blinded.

What does Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance mean especially the chorus?

Lady GaGa was probably talking about a bad relationship or "romance" Like the chorus "caught in a bad romance" Possibly an abusive or maybe just downright bad relationship...

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