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How can you help a 31-year-old guy who insists he will only date girls he's known at least 3 years and there are none in his life and he's so desperate and lonely but won't budge from his requirements?


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July 15, 2015 9:47PM

caution!!!age... you're already 31 and you still don't have this "someone"


love shouldn't have a requirement..

get out of it...

im not syaing go looking for love. love will find you of course but if you still stick to your

master "requirement" how would you know if that someone is just right in front of you when you don't want to open yourself to all possibilities JUST because of your REQUIREMENT...

well first of all if you say that you don't wanna date strangers that means you cant get the girl you want and you need some serious counceling. but there is plenty of time for you don't give up, and don't miss your psychiatrist appiontment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay? okay! in other words keep your head up.