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Be there for support and a shoulder to lean on - listen when needed. Try not to get involved as this is their situation and issue that has to be worked out between those two.

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Why does a boy dump dump his gf then get his new girl friend to help him be mean to the ex girl friend?

cause hes a jerk

Help! My best friend is going out with my crush! How can I get him to dump her for me without there being any hard feelings?

You are not a friend. If you were truly friends with that person, you would leave them alone, and let them be happy. It is very hard to find a romantic connection in this world, and you do not have the right morally to try and get a person to dump your "best friend." I suggest you move on from the person, and try to find someone else. Also work on showing some respect towards the people you call friends. I am sure you would not want someone doing that to you.

My friend going through bad break up how can i help?

Be someone she can rely on. She (or he) will need a shoulder to cry on, and someone who will listen to them without passing judgment

Essay on a friend in need is friend a indeed?

Someone who help her/his friend in trouble is a truly friend

Oh my god someone help my best friend announced shes a lesbian and shes going out with my other best friend who I love and announced today HELP?

Uhhm wow... Well you should support them being lesbians.

I love my best friend's boyfriend.... help?

Woah! Do not do this! She is your best friend! i think its better if you tried going out with someone else! Else i am afraid you might lose your best friend...

What you can do to help your friend when they are in trouble?

talk or tell someone

What a good way to help someone attack someone with a snowball?

Each person go on one side of the person and dump the snowball on their head

What does friend mean?

Friend means someone that cares about you, misses you when your away(best friends only) and someone that helps you when you need help.

What can you do to help your friend if her mom is yelling at her and your friend is crying?

tell your friend that its going to be okay and that your there for her always and it will pass soon

Im 14 you need help dumping your 15 year old boyfriend for his best friend?

dump him, wait a few days. go out with the best friend a week later

Can someone help you with friend advice?

Sure thing XD

How can you save your friend from going in bad hands?

You can't unless your friend wants you to help and cooperates with you.

What can you do to help your friend?

You can help your friend by first just loving on them, next you can go over the problem with them. If it a really serious issue you should bring it to someone who can help.

What do you mean by friend?

A friend is someone you really enjoy talking to and love to have the company of. They are also the person who you turn to when you have a problem and they are always there to help you out. A friend is someone you need, someone who is always there for you. They are the person who will always be there when your partner isn't.

What is definition of friendship?

In my opinion, a friend is someone that you can feel comfortable with, someone who can help you solve your problems, makes you laugh, and someone you just love spending time with. A friend is someone who is loyal to you and has your trust :)

Your best friend is gay how do you help him?

if you mean help him change, well you're not a good friend Jim Morrison said : "a friend is someone who gives you full freedom to be yourself"

What is a true best friend supposed to be like?

Someone you trust> Someone who is always by your side even when you mess up in the good and bad situations. A best friend is someone who wants to help you when you get down she or he is someone who helps you with your relationship with God!A best friend is someone!!!!!!!!!!!1

What does it mean 'to care about someone'?

If you have a friend and this friend is unhappy or falls ill and this upsets you and you feel that you would like to help your friend, then you care about this friend.

How can you help someone when they have no friends?

talk to them dont be mean Be the first to BE their friend...

What does it mean to help or support?

help or support means you HELP someone cross the road or you support you're friend in the hospital.

My Friends girlfriend fancies me and I fancy her what should I do?

well obviously you aren't being a very good friend if you have a crush on your friends girlfriend, and she is stupid for not breaking up with him. Tell your friend to dump her, work on your friendship, and go for someone else next time. Sorry didnt help abit read discussion area please

How do you make a friend invite someone that you like to her party?

Ask your friend directly for this favor, being your friend she will probably be happy to help (as long as you are just her friend and not in a relationship with her).

How does Opal help Gloria Dump and how does Gloria help her?


Can someone help with kindle fire for my friend?, the producers of the kindle fire, has a help center, that explains all the problems and questions that your friend might have about his Kindle Fire.

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