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How can you help make nuclear power?

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The average man cannot "help" make nuclear power. Once the plant is online, there is a crew hired by the owner of the plant to run it. I guess you could apply for any job openings at your nearest plant.

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What are Nuclear Energy Power Plants?

it is a place to make things like electricity out of nuclear power.

Do people make nuclear bombs at nuclear power plants?

Generally, no. But nations capable of making nuclear power plants may be able to extend the technology to make weapons.

Is there a difference between nuclear physics and nuclear energy?

Yes there is a difference between Nuclear Physics and Nuclear power.Nuclear power is its power and physics is how you make it and all of its engineering

What is the difference between coal power plants and nuclear power plants?

because coal power plants use coal and nuclear power plants use nuclear energy to make electricity!!

Is nuclear power unsafe?

Nuclear power reactors are potentially dangerous, we have to make them safe by careful design and operation

How feasible is nuclear power?

Nuclear power is in use. Feasibility is 100%. There are a lot of questions yet to be reasolved, but whether it can make power or not is proven.

How can nuclear power help the environment?

Nuclear power does not produce emissions like CO2 and sulphur dioxide that are produced when fossil fuels are burned.

What is the adventages and disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plants?

Nuclear Power Plants are used to help generate electricity. The advantages of Nuclear Power Plants are the efficiency and low immediate pollution. The disadvantages are the radioactive waste and possibility of a meltdown.

How does nuclear power help us?

it helps us by giving off loads of power of from a little amount of uranium and that's how nuclear helps us. :-)

Why was nuclear energy invented?

Nuclear energy was invented many years ago to help provide electricity, and to help develop powerful weapons. Nuclear power is still used today.

What Does The Nuclear Power Plant In Japan Do?

Make electricity.

Why do you need nuclear power?

You don't need nuclear power, energy can be generated using other methods, fossil fuels, hydro-electric etc. However nuclear power does reduce a countries reliance on fossil fuel, which can be particularly important for countries with few fossil fuel reserves of their own. Nuclear power stations do not release CO2 into the atmosphere so do not directly contribute to global warming. Many countries are looking at an investment in nuclear power to help meet CO2 emissions targets. Nuclear power stations are also required to make plutonium for nuclear weapons. Plutonium does not occur naturally and can only be made from uranium in nuclear reactors. Any country with a nuclear weapons program will have a civilian nuclear power industry for this reason.

What is the source of electricity?

power generators or nuclear power can be used to make electricity

How does nuclear energy help with robots?

No, nuclear energy is only used to make electricity

Which countries operate commercial nuclear reactors?

See for country by country information:INFORMATION PAPERSNUCLEAR BASICSOutline History of Nuclear Energy The Nuclear Debate GlossaryFACTS AND FIGURESWorld Nuclear Power Reactors 2008-09 and Uranium Requirements Nuclear share figures, 1998-2008 - May 2009 Uranium production figures, 1998-2008 - June 2009COUNTRY AND REGIONAL BRIEFINGSUranium in Africa Nuclear Power in Argentina Nuclear Power in Armenia Australia's Uranium Nuclear Energy Prospects in Australia Nuclear Power in Belgium Nuclear Power in Brazil Nuclear Power in Bulgaria California's Electricity Nuclear Power in Canada Nuclear Power in Canada Appendix 1: Ontario Energy Policy Nuclear Power in Canada Appendix 2: Alberta Tar Sands Uranium in Canada Uranium in Canada Appendix 1: Brief History of Uranium Mining in Canada Uranium in Central Asia Nuclear Power in China Nuclear Power in China Appendix 1: Government Structure and Ownership China's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Nuclear Power in Czech Republic Nuclear Energy in Denmark Nuclear Power in Finland Nuclear Power in France Nuclear Power in Germany Nuclear Power in Hungary Nuclear Power in India Nuclear Energy in Iran Nuclear Power in Italy Nuclear Power in Japan Uranium and Nuclear Power in Kazakhstan Nuclear Power in Korea Nuclear Power in Lithuania Nuclear Power in Mexico Uranium in Namibia Nuclear Energy Prospects in New Zealand Nuclear Power in the Netherlands Uranium in Niger Nuclear Power in Pakistan Nuclear Power in Romania Nuclear Power in Russia Nuclear Power in Slovakia Nuclear Power in Slovenia Nuclear Power in South Africa Nuclear Power in Spain Nuclear Power in Sweden Nuclear Power in Sweden Appendix 1: Barsebäck Closure Nuclear Power in Switzerland Nuclear Power in Taiwan Nuclear Power in the United Kingdom Nuclear Power in Ukraine Nuclear Power in United Arab Emirates Nuclear Power in the USA Nuclear Power in the USA Appendix 1: US Operating Nuclear Reactors Nuclear Power in the USA Appendix 2 Power Plant Purchases: Nuclear Power in the USA Appendix 3: COL Applications US Nuclear Fuel Cycle US Nuclear Fuel Cycle Appendix 1: US Uranium Mining and Exploration US Nuclear Power Policy Emerging Nuclear Energy Countries

Is coal cheaper than nuclear power station?

Yes coal is cheaper than nuclear power station because with nuclear they use it to make weapons and nuclear is a lot of money than coal

What is the waste of nuclear power?

Nuclear reactors produce heat, the heat then is used to make steam, turning turbines. Therefore, the waste of a nuclear power plant is excess steam.

How is nuclear power used?

To make steam, to turn a generator.

What is the effect of nuclear power?

Well, if you use it to make a bomb...

What are the energy conversions to make nuclear power?

You smeel l

What are examples of nuclear power?

nuclear power

What are pros and cons of nuclear power?

pros... Nuclear power costs about the same as coal, around 3 cent so it's not expensive to make

How many windmills does it take to make the same ammount of energy as a nuclear power plant?

Way to many -- nuclear power is by far the most efficient.

Do most nuclear power plants use atoms to make nuclear energy?

Nuclear power plants use the heat from the radioactive decay of Uranium or other radioactive atoms to boil water and make steam to run electrical generators.

How are nuclear power plants powered?

by nuclear power ¬.¬