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YOu could contact the authorities, unless you have a good relationship with the dad I would inform him of what you have witnessed.

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How do you tell a friend not to hurt you mentally anymore but she thinks its a joke?

Avoid them. A person who harms you, either emotionally or physically, is no friend.

How do you handle a friend who verbally abuses you and your family?

hit them :L

What is it called when someone abuses you then treats you good?

an a-hole friend.

What can i do when your friend physically abuses you after little things like talking to another friend or making funny come backs to her jokes?

Leave them.

How can you get your girl friend mentally horny?

Talk to her about her fantasies or fetishes.

What do you do if you have an emotionally and verbally abusive friend?

Why would you call someone who is "emotionally and verbally abusive" - your "friend"? Abusers cannot be friends because they lack empathy and the ability to truly love someone else or relate to others!

How do you tell a male friend that you are becoming emotionally attached?

It is simple. Just say it.

Is having a friend with benefits emotionally healthy?

well i don't see why it wouldn't be

How do you handle a bastard of a friend?

If the friend of your's is a bastard to you then he/she isn't a friend. A true friend, or a friend period, is not a bastard to his/her friends, period. Just confront him or her and say either you can respect me or we do not need to be friends. You do not need them but they need you more probably than you think. If you let that friend mistreat you and act abusive to you mentally, physically, or emotionally, it will only get worse for you. And even if you don't notice it it will affect you in more ways than one. Your friend should respect you, or they are not classified really as a friend. Tell them that. You don't need this person for your friend. There are way too many people out there to befriend. Good luck with the confronting your friend.

How do you get rid of the memories of a friend who ended up hurting you emotionally and mentally?

a memory is mostly likely going to stay with u for just about the rest of ur life, but it really only affects you if ur thinking about alot. so at first i would try distracting urself from the topic

What do you do if your best friend doesn't want tell anyone but his whole family abuses him?

Talk to a school counsellor or a teacher that you trust about it.

What do you do if your mom's boy friend abuses you?

Tell your mum . If she doesn't listen call child line find there number on the Internet

Who is a child abuser?

Anyone who hits, hurts physically, emotionally or sexually abuses a child. Whether it is a sibling, parent, other relative or friend, or even a stranger causing the abuse. You should always report any abuse to someone you can trust, like a teacher, police officer or on one of the charity telephone lines that are set up for this.

What does it mean if your male schizophrenic friend one day likes you and the next day hates you but he stares a you at the corner of his eye?

It means you should probably steere clear of him...people who love you one day and then hate u the next are emotionally and possibly mentally unstable. Also, staring at people is what serial killers do.

Are dogs man's best friend?

In my opinion dogs are mans best friend unless the person abuses his/her dog in which case can make the dog mean and very violent. no dogs can be anyone best friend just like cat can be anyone best friend

My boyfriend treats me so messed upi treat him good And he's mean But says he love mei can't take it anymoreHow do I Move on I don't know what keeps me here he emotionally abuses me?

You need to take a break. Maybe go on a small daytrip with a friend and visit a local park. Try getting your mind off of things. Try to move on. A good idea might be to talk to a close friend or family member.

What can you say to a close friend someone that has a terminal illness?

"I love you." "How are you feeling physically today?" "How are you feeling emotionally today?"

My friend goes through a lot at her house emotionally can she move out at the age of 17 because of this?

she can petition to be emancipated. She would likely be granted emancipation being that she is 17 and considering she is able to provide for herself financially and is emotionally stable.

How can I make my friend stop insulting me and mentally hurting me?

The best way is honestly just to talk to them. Hope it works out

How can one tell a friend from an enemy?

A person can tell if a friend is actually an enemy if that "friend" tries to harm the person in any way, either emotionally or physically. Friends are people that help each other and care about each other in their own ways.

How do you tell a friend he is abusing his girlfriend and needs to get help?

say you're worried, later things will get out of hand. If he doesn't accept that he has abuses his girlfriend you should probably report it.

How do you hurt someone emotionally without theme knowing it was me?

Tell everyone that you're their friend. Their reputation will suffer from being friends with a jerk like you.

He keeps telling his friend his going to dump me. but ive broken up with him last week?

I think that you are mentally challenged so....

I'm in love with my best friends who are both bisexual as me One Im attracted to madly and the other I am extremely emotionally strong with?

Go with the friend you're extremely emotionally strong with. Attraction may fade, but emotional bonds can last forever. Good luck.

What to do if mother abuses you?

If your mother abuses you try to tell somebody if the dont believe You put cameras or video cameras up in the house so you can have prove your not lieing i know some of you don't want your mother to go to prison so here's a solution move in with a relative or a friend or you can just move out by yourself not on the streets na.