How can you hide your true sexuality?

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October 24, 2007 7:20PM

by not telling anyone about it if you don't want anyone to no & not showing your true side if you don't think it is necessary for the time now.

In reality, you can 'hide' anything about yourself that you want to, but only from other people. You will never be able to hide your true sexuality from yourself (or your partners).

Hiding your true sexuality can only be done by repressing all outward urges. Whether that means discussing the subject or acting on the impulse, you will never be able to allow yourself to be honest with others about this facet of your life. Or, you could reduce your standard of honesty and integrity and simply lie (but, you'd be risking more than just your privacy by lying).

Beyond that, know that other people will still make assumptions. Although you may deceive others, everything you do will be scrutinized, even moreso because of the lack of clarity that you will have to convey. Ambiguous answers and vague descritions will only encourage others to 'fill in the blanks' with their imagination guided by their perception of you. In other words, you may spend a massive amount of energy hiding something that everyone else already suspects/knows.

Consider the following:

- Deception will never allow you the closeness you deserve.

- Whenever you 'hide' something, you're saying that you're 'ashamed.'

- Whenever you neglect to embrace an aspect of yourself, you loose the chance to know yourself more intimately; and you miss opportunities to change the things you would like to.

Before you decide that hiding and deception are the only paths available to you, look long and hard at the person you want to be. Understand that being the person that is best for you to be will probably (actually, all liklihood says 'definitely') cause some conflict.

Would you rather stand up for the ideals that you believe in, or lay down so that someone else can place their ideals on you? Be sure that you're making this decision for you. Otherwise, you're just living to make others happy; and that leaves you very little with which to make yourself happy.

"What is right is not always popular. What is popular is not always right."