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By maker information.

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Q: How can you identify whether your gun is a trap or field gun?
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Is a Franchi field gun a good trap gun?

It can be used for trap, but, a shotgun made specifically for trap would be better.

What is difference between a trap gun and a field gun?

Mainly in the stock

Is Winchester Model 12 serial 789924 a trap gun or skeet gun or field grade or what?

Unless it is marked Trap or Skeet, it is probably a field gun. Skeet guns were choked appropriately, as well.

Why buy a field shotgun vs a trap shotgun?

Trap shotguns are only used for trap shooting and should only be bought if you are really into trap shooting (or have too much money =] ). Field guns can be used for both field and trap applications. However, field and trap guns aim differently. Trap guns are easier to use for trap, and I'm not sure on the other way around. My advice is to by a field gun to use for both uses. That's what I did, and I get great trap scores. If I had an extra $2 or 3 thousand, I would by a trap gun because they work better for trap, but I don't =).

What is a field shotgun and can I conver one into a trap ShootGun?

With a field shotgun, the target is placed directly behind the bead. On a trap gun, the target is placed above the bead for better visibility. That is the main difference. Also, the comb is elevated on a trap gun and the stock and butt plate are sometimes adjustable on a trap gun. Trap guns are also heavier to reduce damage to the shoulder due to repeated firing. Trap guns sometimes have ported barrels to reduce jumping of the barrel. Any highly shotgun with a wooden stock and replacable barrels can probably be converted into a trap gun. Just buy a trap barrel and replace the barrel. You can also port the barrel or have the stock cut out to make it adjustable. Honestly, no modifications are needed to a field gun, as long as it is a decent gun. I shoot a field gun for trap and I do just fine.

What is the best trap gun?

The best trap gun you can buy is one that FITS you and breaks the clay. Get one that has a adjustable stock. You need to pattern it so it hits where you look. A TRAP gun will shoot higher than a field gun. Lots of useful information on the Internet, do your homework and pick up a nice used one.

Is the Winchester Model 12 Trap with Vent rib a solid gun to buy for beginning shooting?

I would say yes. If it is a trap gun, then it will more than likely be ideal for trap shooting. Honestly, I wouldn't buy a trap gun until I was sure that I was commited to trap shooting, because you really can't use a trap gun for field applications. If you are a beginner, I would just use my field gun that you probably already have until you get the idea and figure out if trap shooting is something that you like to do. Also, if the gun that you are talking about is a pump, then I, personally, would consider a breakaway. That's just my personal preference. I've never used a pump shotgun for trapshooting, but if I did, I'm sure that I would get tired of the pumping into my hand. A breakaway or semiauto is just so much easier to use. If you're going to be involved in trap shooting, then by all means get it if you want. Have fun!

What is the difference between a Windchester model 97 trap gun and a regular Windchester model 97?

The primary differences are as follows; # The Trap Gun will be marked as such on the bolt (engraved into the steel). # The Trap Gun will most often have an English style straight grip butt stock versus the standard pistol grip butt stock on a Field grade gun. # The Trap Gun will always have a better grade of walnut stocks, and will often have an ebony diamond inlayed in the wrist of the butt stock on both sides. Frequently, the stocks were also checkered.

How do you identify a gun by serial number?

It would be almost impossible to identify a gun just by its serial number.

What is a speed trap gun?

A radar gun police use to check for speeders.

Do silencers weaken gun?

No. They trap and slow the release of gasses after the gun fires.

Who makes western field trap grade 16 gauge single shot?

You would have to provide the model number of your Westernfield trap gun to get the cross over maker of the gun in question.Westernfield was the trade name for firearms from Montgomery Wards.They hired many individual firearms makers to produce firearms for them.

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