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yes, you can improve on everything

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Q: How can you improve speaking skills of English?
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Why do you improve English speaking skill?

You improve English speaking skills so literate persons can relate to you.

How can you improve your skills in speaking English?

By practicing and using it everyday.

How you can improve your speaking skills by reading English newspapers?

How can you improveΒ  by reading English newspapers? You can improveΒ your speaking skills by reading the text aloud, as this will help you practice your tongue to utter words. If you don't understand a word or text, write it in a notebook and find it in the dictionary, that's will help you to increase also your vocabulary.Β 

How can English literacy help in strengthening basic education in the Philippines?

through strengthening the basic education of english literacy we can improve our skills in speaking

How can you will improve your English speaking skill?


How can you improve your skill of English speaking?

yes, you can improve on everything

How can you develop your skills in the English language?

Read English books, Try to improve your English vocabulary Listen to English people speaking (the radio is a good place for this) Take lessons in English.

How do you improve vocabulary skills?

reading books and English grammar makes help to improve vocabulary skills

Which is an effective way to improve your own public speaking skills?

Not be so ugly

Which of the four skills of English language is called natural skills?

listening or speaking

How do you improove my English language?

You can improve your English language by practicing the language with a native English speaker. You can also improve your speaking by taking classes with an instructor.

Why speaking and reading skills should be included in the curriculum?

speaking and reading skills should be included in the curriculum because many students face difficulty in speaking nd reading english. they calligraph it very nicely but while speaking on the stage they become nervous and koose their confidence. it is very important to improve their reading and speaking skills. reading develops a persons creativity. developing good reading skills can improve a persons creativity to comprehend concepts and ideas.speaking increases the confidence level of a person so that students will become more frank with teachers and other students.reading develops critical thinking. thus ensuring that the student will be able to think and take good decisions for themselves.communication skills are also improved by speaking and reading it is very important to improve speaking and reading skills in the curriculum.

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