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How can you keep the dirt in your baseball field from getting so hard?

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2008-04-06 03:18:12

The dirt will compact over time and poor maintenance. I find

this procdure works: drag it flat and even, then soak it with water

until it is wet several inches down, this may take several

applications depending on how hard it is. Now wait until it becomes

just damp ( the dirt is workable when damp but not soaked )and

using a drag with 3" spikes ( a 12x12 piece of wood works) break up

the dirt by dragging it over and over until you have a uniform 3"

loose soil distribution over the whole area and drag it again (

with a normal drag mat )until smooth and wet it normally. try to

keep the infield from drying out completely from now on. Soil

conditionor, or field topping can be used to help also.

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