Boas, also called Boids, are a family of snakes that use constriction rather than venom to subdue and kill their prey. Boas are native to Africa, America, Asia, Europe and some Pacific Islands. Boas differ from pythons in two main ways the most notable of these being that boas give birth to live young.

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How do you properly use idle in a sentence?

The car was staying idle.

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What does a brown recluse spider look like?

it is sort of a brown/tan color and in the middle of the spider you will see some sort of a violin and if you do see one be extremely cautious! Don' get bit!!


Do boa constrictors drink?

Yes they do, but not very often as they get most of their moisture requirements from their prey.


How big is a baby boa constrictor?

Newly hatched babies are 15-20 inches long.

You mean, newly born? Boas, unlike pythons, give live birth. The eggs hatch inside the mother. Also it depends on the boa. A green anaconda baby is about 2ft., while a Kenyan sand boa baby is about 4-6 inches. Baby red tail boas are on average about a foot.


What does the emerald tree boa drink?

water that's answered by 11 years old


How popular are Boa Constrictar?

They're quite popular for those keepers who have gained some experience in keeping reptiles. They're not suitable as a 'beginner' species - due to their unpredictable nature, and requirement for large living quarters as adults - and food to match !


Can boa constrictors strangle a human to death?

In very rare cases and under unique conditions. The person would have to be negligent, drunk and fairly weak. A responsible owner would not handle an aggressive animal by themselves, and I am yet to see a boa that could not be untangled by a helper. They also have no desire to kill a human since it is not food. Even a scared animal will lash out by biting, not constricting.

In the cases where this has happened it has ALWAYS been a negligent keeper handling a large animal (I mean LARGE, not average) by themselves, usually drunk, and the snake was merely trying to get a good grip to keep from falling off their shoulders, meaning they held onto the neck. Bad placement of the animal, bad husbandry and bad handling techniques are the cause of ALL large constrictor deaths in the US. Even including these it is a very rare event, averaging one every 2 years, including all large constrictor species. When put up against the 440+ horse related deaths every year these animals are hardly dangerous. You have a better chance of getting killed by a runaway golf ball.

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Where does red tail boa come from?

It has a wide range of habitat - from northern Mexico, through central and southern America.

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Is it illegal to use mp3fiesta in the US?

This site is offering illegal downloads and does not pay the artist for anything that is sold.


How big do hog island boa get?

4-6 feet 7 being uncommon


External and internal features of Indian sand boa?

An Indian sand boa is a short, thick boa that is reddish brown in color. They have chunky heads with small eyes and narrow nostrils. Some are faintly striped. They have small spurs alongside their vents.

Internally, they resemble other snakes, with long, elongated organs such as the necessay heart, lungs, and stomach. Just about everything on or in a snake is fairly tube-shaped.


Do Boa constrictor live in forest?

Yea doi


How many kids did Franz boas have?

he had 6 kids

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What is the price of snake with two mouths?

Snakes with two heads are exceedingly rare, so are normally not sold. Furthermore, they do not normally live long. If you manage to find one being sold, the price will be extremely high. Most likely more than 15 thousand dollars.


What is better as a pet Ball Python or Boa pros and cons?

The Royal Python (Python regius) would be the better of the two for a first-time keeper. The Boa constrictor grows to around 3 metres and is a heavy-bodied, and unpredictable snake.

It also depends on what you're looking for in a snake. A ball python does nothing interesting, just sits in it's hide all day. Not all boas grow big, such as the Hogg Island boa which is a dwarf species of boa constrictor that rarely gets over 5 ft, or the rainbow boa (the females are 6-7 ft). Ball pythons come in an assortment of morphs, while boas do have many morphs they do not have as much as the ball python. Ball pythons are also notorious for feeding problems, while boas generally are not. I would not say boas are unpredictable, some just have really strong feeding responses or are nervous. There are so many boa species out there, that are smaller or the same size as ball pythons without all the hassle, though they're not as forgiving of husbandry mistakes. I could on and on about pros and cons, but I'll stop there.

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What are the names of all the snakes in the world?

bermez python king cobra diamondback timber rattlers water moccesen gardersnakes boaconstricters bullsnake anaconda pit viper cottonmouthsnake tree snake tigersnakes sea snakes greensnakes


How does tree boa know when pray is nearby?

it has heat sensors in front of the their faces and the can find their heat around them


Can a Boa Constrictor kill a human?


Black Mamba

What is the price of snake of two mouth in India?



Will there be a beast quest series 13?

As you might know, Series 13 (Books 73-78) of Beast Quest is The Curse of Fear, which includes: Mangrove the Ruler of the Swamp, Spiritina the Soul Thief, Python the Deadly Constrictor, Drastic the Human Killer, Artiller the Assassinating Menace, and Krakos the Demon Dragon. But I actually know the Age, Strength, Magic Level and Fright Factor of all the Beasts. So here it goes:

Mangrove the Ruler of the Swamp

Age: 347

Power: 278

Magic Level: 190

Fright Factor: 92

Spiritina the Soul Thief

Age: 298

Power: 283

Magic Level: 186

Fright Factor:

Python the Deadly Constrictor

Age: 379

Power: 292

Magic Level: 178

Fright Factor: 93

Drastic the Human Killer

Age: 284

Power: 289

Magic Level: 187

Fright Factor: 94

Artiller the Assassinating Menace

Age: 317

Power: 290

Magic Level: 185

Fright Factor: 96

Krakos the Demon Dragon

Age: 339

Power: 340

Magic Level: 191

Fright Factor: 95

The description of all these Beasts are unknown.


Are there any anacondas in Mississippi?

I have lived in Mississippi my entire life and I had never heard of any anacondas just being in Misssissippi. Every now and then You may hear about a pet snake that someone has grown tired of and feels that it is okay to just release it. Recently on the news an anaconda was spotted in a small country town called Lexington, Mississippi on a dirt road deep in the backwoods of the country. Just Google "anaconda in Lexington, Mississippi'.It has a picture of it. Hope you find this to be useful. Please post a response after you see the picture of the snake.

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Are ball pythons friendly?

Yes, extremely. They are great pets.


What is the natural enemy of a boa constrictor?

golden eagles as they are young but when the boa hits 5+ They only enemy is us humans.


Why does the emerald tree boa live in the canopy layer?

Simply because its main diet is birds.


How big are boa constrictors fangs?

They don't have fangs - as they're non-venomous. However - they DO have approximately sixty teeth - which are up to 1/4 inch (6mm) long !


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