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Q: What is boas festas in portoguese?
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How do you say seasons greetings in portuguese?

Season's Greetings in Portuguese is "Felizes Festas" or "Boas Festas".

What language is boas festas?

"Boas festas" is Portuguese and it translates to "happy holidays" in English. It is commonly used as a holiday greeting in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Boas Festas comes from what language?

It is definitely Portuguese.

In what country is 'Boas Festas' used as a Christmas greeting?


What does Boas Festas in Brazil mean?

At the end of the year we have two big holidays: The Christimas and the Reveilon. Many times when we meet someone before Christimas and you don't will see she before the Reveilon, we usually wish "Boas Festas" that is the fulfillment for the two holidays, so "Boas Festas" means the complience for Christimas and New Year, togethers.

What country says boas feastas?

"Boas festas" means "Happy Holidays" in Portuguese. This would be commonly said in Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

What is English translation of Boas Festas e um feliz Ano Novo?

Good Parties and a happy New Year.

How do you say 'Merry Christmas' in Brazilian?

Boas Festas is a Brazilian equivalent of 'Merry Christmas'. The feminine adjective 'boas' means 'good, fortunate'. The feminine noun 'festas' means 'festivals, feasts'. Together, they're pronounced 'boh-uhsh FEH-shtuhsh' according to the carioca accent in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

How do you say Happy Holidays in Portuguese?

Boas Festas e um feliz Ano NovoFelizes feriados !Felizes férias (Happy vacations)

What does muito obrigado e boas festas para voce tambem mean?

It's Portuguese for 'Many thanks and a good holiday to you, too'.

How do you say 'Christmas tree' in Brazil?

The Brazilian Portuguese equivalent of the English greeting 'Merry Christmas' is Boas Festas, which is pronounced as BOH-ush FEH-shtush; Feliz Natal, which is pronounced as Feh-LEEZ Nuh-TOW; or Natal Alegre, which is pronounced as Nuh-TOW Uh-LEH-gree. Boas = good. Festas = celebrations, feasts. Feliz = happy, but rendered as Merry. Natal = Christmas. Alegre = happy.

How do you say Merry Christmas and a blessed new year in Brazilian portuguese?

Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo is Happy New Yea not blessed