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An ultrasound may be able to reveal the gender. An amniocentesis can tell you for sure.

Generally at 16 weeks you can tell the sex of your child via an ultrasound.

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Q: How can you know whether your baby will be a boy or girl while you are pregnant?
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The girl can not get pregnant but her baby can if its a girl and so can her baby's baby if its a girl too. We try to prevent this from happening because it is very unhealthy for the babies.

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it doesnt matter

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How do you get Pregnant with Baby Boy?

The male carries the gene for a boy or girl baby, not the girl

Can a guy release sperm inside girl while girl is already pregnant will it hurt the baby?

It will not hurt the baby. As long as the couple is careful not to be overly physical with the abdominal area, there is no problem.

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How do you know whether it's a baby boy or baby girl?

by ultraSonography .

If girl is pregnant will she get her periods?

No,that means either the baby has died,or you are not pregnant...

Can a girl get pregnant while kissing?


Is life harder for a girl or a boy when pregnant?

when pregnant it is harder for a girl because they carry the baby for 9 month

What does it mean to dream of a baby girl when pregnant?

Well dreaming of a baby when your pregnant it common and doesn't actually mean that the baby is going to be a girl speciously if you wanted a girl. But hey you've got a 50% chance that it's right.

Do you have a period while you are pregnant?

yes you can have a Period what r u dumb i had mine every month and now i have a beautful baby girl :)

How do a girl have a baby?

First, the girl has to have sex with a boy. Then, she gets pregnant. And finally, she gives birth to her baby out of her vagina.

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Is it possible to be pregnant while on your period and have frequent urination?

I knew a girl who had her period through out her whole pregnancy! She didnt even know she was. She had a perfectly healthy baby girl.

When you are pregnant can you tell whether your baby is a boy or girl without a doctor's visit?

well my mom told me that if ur belly is upper then its a girl and if its more down then its a boy n my mom guessed a girl n is had a girl which is me :)

When can a girl be pregnant?

If she has unprotected sex while she is ovulating, then she can become pregnant.

What decides if a baby going to be a boy or a girl?

The chromosomes in the sperm determine whether the baby is going to be a girl or boy.