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How can you lighten the skin around your butt if it is darker than your general complexion?


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You can try using bleaching creams and skin toners.Like every other product on the market it may work or it may not.Good luck!


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does drinking tea or coffee makes skin complexion darker ?

Lemon will lighten dark spots. It will help lighten the darker skin if used constantly. Try using it at night. You can also try mixing the lemon with egg whites and applying it at night, just before you go to sleep.

Color wise it depends on your skin tone, if you have a darker complexion lighter colors would work best, if you instead have a lighter complexion go darker.

yes but it looks best on blond hair and bad on darker hair.

To make a darker red lighter add less red and a little white !!

lava soap cannot lighten skin but it can wash away excess oil that appears to make your skin darker. for example the back of the neck, the knees, and underarms.

They are of a darker complexion because they're Indian and all people in India look vaguely similar

yes, however it has to be a darker shade. Semi permanent dye will never lighten your hair so you can use it to go darker but not lighter.

Go to a salon and either bleach it or get darker colors to make your color appear lighter due to contrast.

Only in extreme rare case. Normally they will get darker as melanina increase as they grow

No it makes your skin become oily and your skin becomes patchy it depends how dark you are really.the darker yoy are the better the results...

Yes, it is normal for the skin to be slightly darker.

People with darker skin tones are less likely to get sunburn than those of a lighter complexion. Sunburns are one main cause for skin cancer.

The main trigger behind the Rwandan genocide was the unfair treatment of the Tutsis who were, due to their lighter complexion given more benefits of western wealth. The Hutus, another majority class were treated as second rate citizens due to their wider noses and darker complexion.

As Humans do, Geckos have Pigments in their Skin. These pigments lighten and darken with the amount of light the gecko's body has recieved. A gecko will go into a darker area, escaping the light and sight on a darker piece of wood, knowing their bodys are cooler and the colours are darker. Not like a Chameleon, who is able to mimic the colour that they are currently touching.

Yes, tanning outside off of the sun does lighten body hair. It also lightens the hair on your head, just not to the effect that it does your body hair because the hair on your head is thicker, longer, and sometimes even darker than your body hair.

High yellow is a term used to define a black person who has a high proportion of white ancestry. Those who are considered high yellow are of the African descent, but do not have the darker complexion.

Yes, Agua oxinada is good for skin whitening. It contains hydrogen peroxide which is known to help lighten darker skin slightly.

Sunspots appear to be darker because those areas are cooler than those around them.

Often times a darker, olive colored complexion. Eyes are generally blue. Deep set eyes are common with defined brow bone.

yes it is a common occurrence with hair relaxers most often with colored hair it can be still colored darker after a relaxing but i would not use it as a hair lightener

Be proud of who you are. You can't change your skin color and there is no way to lighten it. I have always wished my skin was darker because I burn in the sun, but it is who I am. Same with you. I don't know you, but I do know you are beautiful as you are. Be yourself, be proud, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There is only one you.

Africans are darker in complexion because they are from a part of the world that is hot and has long days (long days compared to polar regions and far north or south regions) Their skin has tinted in an effort to protect them from sunlight. Genetics determine the color of one's skin. The biological reason is that Africans have more melanin in their skin.

Use regular face washes or lemon to give you an even complexion. Lemon should be applied mOstly on darker areas

He definitely has African ancestry, though the French don't categorize people by race,as we do in America. Saw a show on Nightline about him,they showed photos of him as a young boy, he was much darker in complexion then.

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